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Delivered, I'm Yours { Kai/Ruki } - Chapter 2

Title: Delivered, I’m Yours
Chapter: 2/?
Author: miyakisakura & ravennightmare6
Beta: -
Genre: Romance/Yaoi/Angst/AU
Rating: PG to NC-17
Warning(s): Yaoi/Male x male sex
Band(s): the Gazette, Dir En Grey
Pairing(s): Kai/Ruki
Summary: First meeting

Disclaimer: We don’t own the boys, this story is purely fictional. None of it is true. We claim this fic as ours.
Comment: Starting from chapter 2 and onwards, I’ll write this story with Isabella

The entire night Ruki could hardly seem to find decent rest. He kept tossing and turning and waking himself up. Even though the bed was comfortable and the room was clean, it was a new environment and he found it incedibly difficult to relax properly. But at least it was better than his relatives' place; those people had been horrid to him. Multiple times through the night, Ruki had felt Koron pawing at his arm, informing him that he had disturbed his poor baby's sleep. Even the fact that he was wearing his favourite silky night dress couldn't seem to sooth him enough to sleep through the night.

Come morning, Ruki was lying in bed just dreaming about one of the workers bringing him his breakfast. Mm, freshly baked bread, lightly toasted, with a hard boiled egg, a bowl of steamed rice, fruit salad... The blonde's mouth was salavating just at the idea of something so wonderful.

But the teenager was in for a rude awakening when he opened his eyes and looked around the room. And he realised...oh yeah, he was the worker around this place and he had to figure out his own damn breakfast. So with a huff, Ruki pulled himself from bed. He showered, dressed himself in his school uniform; a mid-thigh length pleated skirt and a white button up blouse. He had specifically requested that Toshiya buy him the girl's school uniform.

Of course, he spent a great length of time in front of the mirror curling his blond waist length locks and applying his usual makeup. Once he was finished, he gave himself a look over in the mirror and nodded with a little smile. Wandering downstairs, his knee high socks making his footsteps quiet, Ruki fixed himself a quick breakfast which, to his dismay, consisted of a bowl of plain, boring cereal. Bag packed with his books and the bento Toshiya had been kind enough to leave him, Ruki slipped on his black heeled shoes and left the house for school.

As expected, school was not fun. He didn't like the new environment. Most of the students actually took him for a girl, which was fine by him. That was, until he opened his mouth and a rather deep man's voice left it, and then he was instantly ostracized for being different. Students quickly wanted nothing to do with the "new ladyboy" as they called him.

There was one boy who approached in and attempted to make friends and Ruki obliged him. The boy's name was Uruha and he was a sweet thing, a little on the dorky side but he managed to make Ruki smile every now and then. Uruha was a year above him though, hence Ruki was all alone in his classes.

With the way everyone was staring and whispering about him he just couldn't wait to get away from that place.


Kai had always thought there was nothing better than waking up in his human form, but meeting being greeted by the sight of his room in a total chaotic mess wasn’t something he had ever expected to see.

Okay, maybe it had been his doing last night? But what exactly was it that had thrown him into such a fit of rage? Ah fuck that, as if he could still remember anyway.

Sitting up slowly, Kai let out a tired groan, his eyes still heavy from the weight of the long hours of sleep; he had to rub at them a few times just to crack them open. One free hand went down, feeling for the soft mattress underneath him, making sure he had passed out and spent the night sleeping on it, and not on the floor somewhere in the house. Once he positively confirmed his finding, he ran the same hand through his tousled hair and left the bed to head over to his closet walking over a few scattered items of dirty clothing, no longer used books and other stuff reaching out for a pair of clean jeans before he suddenly paused altogether, a frown marring his eyebrows as he tried to focus on the unexpected

Wait, wasn’t that the sound of a dog…growling? Whining?

“Huh?” he wrinkled his eyebrows even more, shoving his legs into his jeans before he zipped them up and fastened the button, then proceeded to making a slow move around his room as he tried to trace down the source of such an unfamiliar sound. How the fuck it had gotten in here in the first place, he honestly didn’t know. The only living person who had access to his room was his dad

Great, of course that old man. Who else could it be? No wonder there were several shirts and pants of his that weren’t in the closet, but for what? It wasn’t like they fit his dad’s size.

“Got—“ Kais breath suddenly stuck in his throat. “—.cha.

Since when did they have a freaking dog in the house?!

Kai found himself gaping at the sight of a dark colored dog what kind of breed was that? gnawing a black t-shirt (his favourite, limited edition one that he had purchased at some concert two years ago for fucks sake), right under his bed. Its small head shook from side to side along with the occasional grunting sounds, and it seemed like it was oblivious to the brunet, who was now on his knees, head hanging low and close to the floor as he watched it with disbelieving eyes. He could feel his eyes twitching a few times at the dogs saliva staining the dark material of his shirt, and some strings of it dripped to the floor.

In the moment of angry fuming silence, Kai could hear the annoying creaking sound of the door to his room, and he knew his dad must have forgotten to close it properly before leaving his room.

“Fuck!” He suddenly shouted as he hit the floor with his curled hand, startling the dog. “You son of a bitch! That’s my t-shirt!” The brunet growled as he tried to move further under the bed after laying down on his stomach, but the little devil didn’t seem to want to release its newly discovered favourite toy and merely watched Kai struggling with big amused eyes. “Hey, you! Hey, don’t run—“

And it did, away from his reach and sight and out of the room.

“Fuck!” Kai cursed once, “shit ! Fuckoww," and twice the moment the back of his head hit the metal frame beneatht he bed, and he collapsed immediately onto the floor as he groaned in pain, folded hands placing over the throbbing on the back of his head and it hurt like hell.

Where was the damn dog again?!

Of course he wasn’t going to stop now.

After putting on a random black tank top, washing his face and brushing his teeth in no time, Kai didn’t waste his time looking for the tiny criminal, one hand gripping his phone as he pressed it to his ear, the device already ringing.

“How the fuck is there a dog in the house?!” Was the first thing he yelled at his dad through the device.

“Okay, okay. Slow down, are you trying to give me a heart attack at my workplace?” Toshiya replied, smiling apologetically at some of his colleagues before he returned his attention back to his phone. “A dog? Isn’t that Ruki’s?”

“It left my t-shirt on the couch, and it’s already torn and ugly. Thanks, please get rid of that tiny demon once you’re home.” Kai sounded so done.

“Are you even listening to me?” Toshiya tried to stay as calm as possible, he couldn’t feed the fire that was Kai's horrible temper.

“No, are you?!” And his son needed the water to cool him down.

“Okay, look. That dog belongs to Ruki, so I can’t do that. Besides, it’s just a dog. It likes to play, do fun things….maybe you could do that with him?”

“….My ass. Ruki? Who the fuck? Oh, oh, should I give a fuck? Please, enlighten me some more, dad.” Kai suddenly yelped with a surprise. “What the fuck?!” He ended the call and hissed once he scowled down at Koron, who was biting the hem of his jeans. “What the fuck do you want dog?!” he tried shaking his leg, but the action only made the dog clench its teeth around the hard fabric even more, and this infuriated Kai so much. “God damn it, I—”

Okay, that was the climax of his rage before dizzyness claimed his mind and swayed him around and around, hitting face first against the wall before he toppled backwards.

And in just few seconds, right under the pooling black tank top, Kai helplessly stared back at Koron from the same height before finding himself rushing away with the dog chasing him from behind, climbing up the stairs.

What the fuck is wrong with this stupid dog?!


Ruki sat up on the roof with Uruha for a little while after school, the other boy was very interested in why exactly he like to cross-dress. Ruki's only explanation was that he enjoyed fucking with people, though of course there was a deeper meaning behind it, he just wasn't all that interested in sharing that so soon. He had only just met Uruha, for god's sake.

Eventually the blonde teen informed his new friend that he needed to head home...if that's what it could even be called. Ruki certainly didn't think of that place as home. But it was where he was staying for the moment. Anyway, he needed to get back and start on his jobs.

He got the train back, being stuffed into a train for twenty minutes with some sweaty old bastard breathing down his neck was not Ruki's idea of a good time. In fact, he couldn't think of anything worse to do. The train was smelly and bumpy and his hair kept getting tugged by the bodies so closely squished together.

Eventually though, Ruki stumbled off the train, straightened his skirt and started on the walk back to Toshiya's place, which wasn't all that far and he was happy to get inside the door and slip off his shoes.

The blonde teen took a few moments once in his room to freshen up. He changed into a simple cotton dress, leaving his white knee-high socks on because he thought they were just so cute, and tied his curly blonde hair up in a high ponytail, curls spilling over his shoulders still.

"Yosh..." Ruki murmured to himself as he went to fetch the vacuum cleaner to begin cleaning the floors. He estimated that all up it would take him a few hours to clean the house, if he was fast.

Ruki managed to get the bottom floor done without a hitch, but as he was wandering upstairs, lugging the vacuum cleaner behind him, he paused on the stairs as he heard yapping from the end of the hallway.

"Koron?" He called out. "Koron, baby. Come here," Ruki called to his dog. But he could still hear his little chihuahua yapping and growling away.

Sighing, Ruki left the vacuum at the top of the stairs and made his way down the hall towards his dog. It was easy to slip into one of the spare rooms, finding Koron barking at a small gap in the door to the wardrobe.

"Koron," Ruki scolded as he shooed his dog out of the way gently. "What are you barking at, my silly boy? Huh?" He cooed.

Reaching over, Ruki pulled open the door a little further to find a cat cowering inside. The blonde hushed Koron as he growled. "Enough." Turning back, Ruki's face softened. "Oh, you poor thing. Has Koron been terrorising you this whole time?" Chuckling fondly, Ruki reached in and gently picked up the cat. "Aww, look at you." Ruki smiled as he rubbed behind the cat's ears. "You are just the most precious thing."

Standing up, Ruki went over and sat himself down on the neatly made bed, setting the cat on his lap. "Mm, you must be Toshiya's. Or maybe Kai's cat, since Toshiya didn't mention you." Ruki grinned, petting the cute feline. He wasn't much of a cat person...but this one was just precious.


No, no, no, no. This was seriously not happening.

Kai was actually, extremely shocked, so much so that he could hardly even react. Was this the….Ruki guy his dad had been talking about? So the annoying tiny, shredding demon machine was…his?

Seriously, these two were the ones living in their house?!

Let me go, freak.

Mewling in frustration, Kai began to made a weak attempt of pushing Ruki away with his tiny paws, tensing a bit in the process but he couldn’t hold back the content purr rumbling from his chest, from the way the area around of his ears were being rubbed and the action was pretty soothing and relaxing. God, he hadn’t noticed how long he’d been spending the time away from Koron throughout the whole house but right now all he knew was; it had been exhausting.

Ruki also smelled nice, he was cute

Nope, nope. This was still wrong, dammit.

Kai let several seconds pass by before he suddenly jumped out of Ruki’s arms when he saw the chance, snarling loudly once he caught Koron looking back at him before he finally decided to just ignore the dog, and gaze up at Ruki from below, his tail swaying side to side slowly before he suddenly froze in his spot.

…….wait, he was seriously a boy, right?

And he was wearing a dress.

Damn, that was some nice sight from this point

…..right, it had been ages since the last time he got to see some cute guy in his house.

But still, that didn’t change the fact that he still hated his mere presence in his house. Huh, some penniless stranger with a stupid dog. How dare his dad let them stay here.

Ugh, no time to waste. Kai slid a glare towards Koron, tilting his head and held his chin high before he turned and headed all the way back to his room, but not before he bit a mouthful of his jeans, but let them go once he was sure he couldn’t bring them back on his own with this kind of body, it’d be more than a herculean task for him. So he just left them there, along with his black tank top, which he’d only worn no longer than five minutes.

Kai closed the door to his room with a slow push of his head, sighing once he was done and slumping back on the floor.

His upcoming days were officially hell.
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