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Affrettando { Aoi x Kai } - Chapter 3

Title: Affrettando
Chapter: 3
Authors: theketchupboy & miyakisakura
Beta: yusahana6323
Genre: Romance/Yaoi/Crack
Rating: PG to NC-17
Warning(s): Male x Male
Band(s): the Gazette
Pairing(s): Aoi x Kai
Summary: The deal from Professor Shiroyama: pass all of his subjects and maybe he'll consider taking Yutaka to bed. He doesn't think his sweet-faced student can do it since it’s so near the end of the term, but what he doesn't know? Yutaka is the master of all things that require rushing and hurrying.
Disclaimer: The boys aren't ours, we own only this fic.
Comment: Affrettando means hurrying, pressing onwards ;) Also, author Miya wrote for Yutaka's part, and author Aki wrote for Yuu's part ;3 I already warned you this story is simple ( and short ) xD Anyway, enjoy! ^^

Yutaka silently watched as the clouds drifted away in the soft and endless-like blue sky, but not in an appreciation of what beauty mother nature had offered to him. He did it simply to let the time pass, to fill his boredom, although that actually made him feel way bored than he had actually wanted.

He was currently lying flat on his back next to his bag and a few books at a green clearing in the university mini garden, which was situated far from any academic construction. He didn’t have work today, which meant he was free all the time after two classes in the morning. Yeah, he was still working at the café along with Kouyou. His leaving and ending the morning with Yuu-sensei hadn’t affected that part. He still needed some money to afford his university life, even if that meant seeing and bearing having his music professor a few times at his work place.

But he just simply did his job as a worker, not as a student or as Yuu’s one night-stand. 

To hell if his sensei wanted to regard him as a heartless bastard. He'd got what he had wanted.

But still …not what he needed

The brunette sighed softly, closing his eyes as he waved away the thoughts. It had been weeks since then anyway. Let bygones be bygones.

Pulling one leg slightly to bend it while keeping his pretty eyes closed, Yutaka moved his hands along an imaginary guitar, the left one going a bit further the fret board and he hummed a song softly, his slim fingers dancing on their own rhythm until he so suddenly came to an abrupt stop, dropping both hands onto his stomach once the event from earlier crossed his mind.

He’d seen Yuu in the library earlier, searching for some books, either for reading purpose or as references. Yutaka couldn’t help and just watch him from behind a reading section, making sure he was doing it without going noticed by other students. His music professor was still as good-looking as ever, his dark hair was cut a bit shorter… not that Yutaka hadn’t seen him and noticed it in the class though. But at that time Yuu seemed calmer without having to teach anyone and it had made Yutaka think back how his professor was in his apartment…

He clutched at his shirt, fighting the urge to not break into tears. The ache was too much. Yutaka was still craving for Yuu, his kindness, his touch and his rough treatment, all of them, only for himself.

He just loved Yuu too much.

He could hear the raven’s voice from afar and after taking a very brief glance at the source, Yuu-sensei was now talking to some students that were apparently from his class, some seniors that Yutaka didn’t know.  He curled up slightly, having his back turned from the sight and eyes closed again while still clutching at the fabric, harder this time. His pulse was racing almost out of control. He was hoping for Yuu not notice of his presence in the garden, but even if he did, Yutaka doubted he’d come here. He couldn’t see why Yuu would do that anyway.

The apartment felt strangely empty lately, and cold. Yuu hated being in his own home now, usually staying in campus to work until late so that he had no choice but to crash in exhaustion as soon as he got home. He kept himself busy, if only to keep Yutaka off his mind, but it wasn't working, so he volunteered to do some research for a fellow professor. He immersed himself in study, spent his time in the library, and avoided being idle.

He saw the dimpled young man a handful of times at the café since he worked there, but it was as if they didn't know each other. He stopped going there too. They hadn't been seeing each other in class either, because Yutaka skipped most of the times. The thought that he'd been used angered him a lot, but more than that, Yuu was disappointed and hurt. He still wanted to see the other though, maybe ask how he was, and if he was studying properly despite no longer having any professors to fuck.

God, he couldn't help the bitterness that tempted him to fail Uke Yutaka from his class, force him to retake his subject another year, but he wouldn't do that. So he worked, and he researched, and he tired himself out, trying to tell himself that Yutaka was just a student and he wasn't supposed to be attached to them like this and...

Yeah. Who was he kidding?

The older students, those who he had worked with before and were rather close to, noticed his distraction and came up to him after a whole, pesky little kids they were. They never asked what was wrong, but they made him laugh, sometimes even offered food and uplifting conversation. Yuu appreciated the effort, like now - this was a group on the brink of graduation, and he was almost a bit happy speaking with them when he spotted a familiar figure lying on the grass in one of the university's numerous little gardens.

He excused himself from the seniors. He didn't know why he was doing this now, but he did - he came up to the brunette, flopping down on the grass beside him and unspeaking for a while, a bit nervous and maybe excited too, that he had the student alone.

Eventually, he spoke in a gentle voice. "Hi Yutaka. How have you been?"

That had Yutaka taking a long, deep yet unsteady breath.

Damn. He was wrong. Ohmyfuckgod.

Should he pretend to be sleeping and continue ignoring Yuu like he had always done, as rude as it sounded? He still had his eyes closed, but the soft voice that travelled down along Yutaka’s spine which he had missed terribly made him tremble from the inside, and the scent from the soft grass caressing his face was nothing compared to Yuu’s. Both were enough to make it impossible for Yutaka to pretend he wasn’t there. His very own near presence was making it even more difficult.

Leave me be.

He wanted to force that out, but instead he found his weak mouth betraying him, which shocked him entirely, as he said, “I’ve been…fine.” His eyes fluttered open reluctantly, watching as the grass danced in the breeze and he curled even more on his side, trying to shake off the nervousness and emptiness and… remorse that were swirling in him. “…Sensei?” He still refused to look at Yuu in the eye, afraid once he did so he’d break into tears.

Yuu had his knees up and his arms over them, gaze turned skyward as he hummed slightly in response to Yutaka. "That's good to hear." He said with a gentle smile, glancing down at the other's back and aching to touch him, maybe kiss those lips again, watch that mouth curl into a dimpled smile that could easily turn into a mischievous smirk. But his student kept his back turned, and perhaps that was the way the other wanted it.

So Yuu let Yutaka be, turning away again, a pang in his chest. Maybe his student didn't even want to look at him anymore...

At the other's questioning tone as he called him, he merely hummed again. "Hmm?" he asked, tone gentle. He didn't want to scare Yutaka away, now that he was here. So close and yet so far away too, completely unreachable, like they were talking to each other from the surface of two different planets. "What is it?"

Yutaka couldn’t help but let a quiet chuckle spill past his lips, daring himself to turn around to finally face Yuu, arms lifted to cross on top of his head as he offered a small smile. “Well, what about sensei? How have you been?”

Can't stop thinking about you sounded like a good answer to Yutaka, but Yuu didn't think that was a great idea. Considering the way they'd parted and the manner in which his student left, it was probably a terrible thing to say. Sighing, he shrugged and kept it simple, eyes still averted.

"Very busy. I've been tired lately."

Smile faltering, Yutaka lowered those folded arms to cover his eyes while lying flat on his back completely. He couldn’t take it, it was too much. His heart fell at this sight of his Yuu-sensei, knowing how close they were next to one another and Yutaka swallowed hard, he couldn’t prevent himself from asking next, “And did you …did you miss me?” The words tumbled out of his mouth quietly from his empty and aching heart, but he didn’t turn away from Yuu this time, too weak to be able to do so. His arms were shielding his already-leaking tears from being seen. It could be because of the bright blinding sunlight in the now-cloudless sky, but unfortunately that wasn’t even the cause, no matter how many times he tried to convince himself it really was. "I missed you, sensei…”

Breath catching at the other's next question and the words that followed that, Yuu was forced to turn towards the younger man, surprised. "Y-you did?" he asked, and his voice sounded hopeful even to himself. Lifting a hand, he tentatively stroked down Yutaka's cheek, just a brief touch, laughing almost in embarrassment as he admitted in a low voice.

"I did too. I missed you. A lot."

Yutaka was struggling with himself now, his breath hitched. The second tear escaped and slid down his cheek, revealing to Yuu what his true reaction was, and at that moment he was already soaking the cloth of his arm.

“Sensei…” he sniffed, wiping his tears away with his damp sleeves. “Sensei I’m sorry...I’m so sorry…

And it wasn’t like Yutaka's usual self to apologize to people for his wrongdoings, but Yuu was different to Yutaka from any other people because he had already held that one and only special place in the brunette’s heart. And damn, he wanted to immediately spring up and kiss the raven right at that moment, confess to him what feelings he had for the other and hug him tightly then kiss him again, over and over again.

Though unfortunately that could only happen in his mind from what he could just visualize, for it to become true seemed impossible. He didn’t have enough courage to do that and the risk…the risk of being a student.  And Yuu’s profession as the professor here…

Yuu couldn't help but feel slightly alarmed, seeing Yutaka in tears again. "H-hey-" he began, already starting to panic a little before pausing as soon as the other began apologizing. Confused, he narrowed his eyes, placing a gentle hand on the other's arm and removing it from covering his face.

"What for? Yutaka? God, I want to embrace you right now but we..." He trailed off, the other not stopping from crying though, and he just had to do it, couldn't have stopped himself even if he tried. Pulling the younger man up, he gathered his student in his arms as he practically sat him on his lap, shushing him gently, palms rubbing at his back soothingly.

"Baby... whatever it is, it's okay. It's okay." And surprisingly, it was. Everything that happened, all the times Yutaka ignored him and skipped his classes seemed unimportant with him holding the other close, warm and soft and, for a fleeting moment maybe, his—

“No! It’s not okay at all!” Yutaka half-shouted and groaned with his head lowered, clutching at Yuu’s front shirt with his fists. His eyes were all red and brows furrowed, tears endlessly dropping onto the dark fabric. “It’s not…” He trembled uncontrollably, hearing himself denying so weak made him feel so helplessly vulnerable but the warms hands on his back softened any tensed muscles, making him feel protected and…loved.


“It’s not okay when I’m in love with sensei,” he finally whispered, each word more quiet than the next. He didn’t want to lift his head to meet Yuu’s gaze, knowing some people must have already seen them now, some of them must have hated him now. Normally Yutaka never gave a damn to such thing but when it came to Yuu… God, he really cared about this guy.

Yuu froze at those softly spoken words, heart pausing for a second before beating erratically, swallowing loudly as he pulled back to look down at Yutaka with sharp, narrowed eyes. "W-what?" he whispered, voice hoarse because he couldn't believe it. Pulling away because the urge to ravish his student was too strong, he smiled suddenly, lips stretched so wide it looked like it almost hurt.

"Make it up to sensei? Let's talk. Come home with me."

Oh, how he wanted to take Yutaka now. Tell him while he glowed with the after effects of sex that he loved him too. But not here. Offering a hand as he stood up, he softened his grin, looking down fondly at the brunette who looked so troubled, all he wanted was to ravish him until he felt soothed and cared for.

"Let sensei show you he feels the same."

Yutaka looked from the offered hand to Yuu’s face with tear stained cheeks in confusion, mouth shaking. “But—sensei…” He could barely form the words, feeling his cheeks gradually grow warm for a whole different thing. But he was still hesitant, feeling some stares and glares thrown from afar that were burning into his back that made him feel all the more uneasy.

Still, he took Yuu’s calloused hand, holding it firmly, and the warmth of their joined hands made his heart flutter, his feelings blossom and a small smile tug on his lips. Embarrassed, Yutaka turned his head to side and slung his bag to his shoulder by the strap after bending himself slightly, collecting his books from the grass into one arm silently afterwards.

“Sensei…are you…are you sure of this?” Yutaka squeezed Yuu’s hand, gently burying his face into the raven’s shoulder. He almost couldn’t believe it, his music professor actually seemed thrilled with his confession...and he felt the same way as Yutaka did!

Yuu was all too aware of the looks they were receiving, and hurriedly removed his hand from Yutaka's in the guise of assisting him to stand, giving him a sly wink. "Don't want us getting in trouble," he whispered, before nodding his head towards the direction they ought to go. "And yes. I'm pretty sure. You have a lot to explain and I... have a lot to say to you, I think."

Leading him out of the campus, it was only once they were finally in the bus, away from the university's prying eyes, that Yuu took Yutaka's hand again, still not saying anything after his initial words. He wanted their conversation to happen in the privacy of his apartment where it all began.

But briefly, while no one was looking, he lifted their joined hands and kissed the back of Yutaka's gently, gaze directed forward, heart thumping so madly in his chest it felt like it was going to jump out and beat all over the floor in a bloody mess.

Of course.

They still had to keep this as a secret and really, for a brief moment Yutaka had forgotten about it by being careless and really, he absolutely hated the idea—this one secret itself.

Even though he’d been thinking about this over and over before, convincing himself he still couldn’t be selfish, by revealing the whole truth just so people knew what was actually going on between Yuu and him. But that knowledge could bring them to getting caught and both of them surely didn’t ever want to be in that state, despite how much Yutaka thought he’d be content just by showing everyone his happiness in falling in love with Yuu.

But that couldn’t happen for now and both of them had never wished to fall for one another, but they somehow eventually did and could never, ever turn back, and never wanted to. Glancing up at Yuu a bit, Yutaka gently squeezed the determined hand that was holding his delicate one and felt his heart flutter at the gesture the older man did to it earlier. And the loving feeling still lingered, it made the brunette smile and affectionately nestle his head in the curve of the raven’s shoulder before closing his eyes, trying to relax himself and basking in Yuu’s wonderful scent, his warm body against his own and the wild, uncontrolled heartbeat. Yutaka was immensely thankful the bus wasn’t full with passengers, and they were all either too busy in their own business or sleeping in their seats to even notice what he and Yuu were doing.

Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad…and wouldn’t be. Yutaka had a few years to complete his study. And after he finished it, both of them could express their love towards each other in public if they wanted to – going on dates, holding hands, kissing…like other normal couples do.

He could wait and would do just that for it to happen.

“Sensei,” Yutaka whispered softly, the soft smile remained stretched across his face. “I’m happy.”

Yuu practically glowed at the other's whisper, immediately taking his hand away but to wrap his arm around Yutaka's shoulder, pulling him closer more than ever until it almost felt like they were snuggling on their shared seat. Turning his head slightly to the side, he pressed his nose against his student's hair, murmuring back.

"Me too, Yutaka."

And he really was. Yuu couldn't wait to get them back in his apartment, and when they finally arrived, he had to use every ounce of self-control not to ravish this beautiful brunette who had declared his love, make him feel how he felt the same through the age-old dance of moving bodies that expressed that very feeling through pleasure. But first, they had to talk. Leading him to the living room and sitting them down on the couch as soon as shoes and coats were removed, he grinned boyishly at Yutaka.

"Say it again, what you told me earlier," Yuu prompted, one hand on top of the other's thigh and caressing but in an affectionate way, the action sweet instead of sexual. "Tell sensei again."

Yutaka blinked and instantly blushed that he stuttered quite ridiculously, avoiding eye contact that he brought his gaze down to his slightly trembling hand. “T-tell you what?”  Although he absolutely knew exactly what his sensei actually meant, Yutaka couldn’t help but bury his heated face in Yuu’s chest, since they were already this close.

Gosh. What was he doing? Yuu was waiting for him to say it!

And he couldn’t make his sensei wait any longer, could he?

“I love you.” He finally breathed it, surprising himself at how alive and meaningful those words sounded like when they left his lips. No, they truly were. Glancing up quickly to look at Yuu, he smiled softly and dipped his head to nuzzle the older man’s chest lovingly with it, his expression was of no doubt excited. “I love you, sensei.” He almost screamed when he repeated it, laughing quietly to himself.

Yuu grinned and swooped down to kiss Yutaka as soon as the other spoke the word more clearly, pulling him by the nape with a hand while the other cradled a cheek. Kissing his student soundly, he pulled back just enough so their eyes could meet, fingers stroking what it was touching tenderly. Swallowing, he allowed his gaze to soften, and then he was leaning forward again, taking the other's breath away with a more than passionate kiss.

"I feel the same. I don't know why and I shouldn't because you're my student, but I do." He whispered in between their liplock, the entire thing slowly getting more and more heated the longer they kept it up, Yuu's hands now traveling down the younger man's waist to pull him close, almost upon his lap again like earlier. Pulling away eventually for air and panting slightly, he pressed their foreheads together, palms rubbing at the other's lower back now.

"Let me make love to you?" he asked gently, seeking the other's permission, voice soft.

Yutaka could have melted right away if he was allowed to, just from that one request from Yuu, really just from that. No one had ever fallen in love with him as much as Yuu had and just how the older man wanted to express his love for him through sex with a much more different feeling instead of only fucking the living hell out of him…

A soft kiss was pressed to Yuu’s lips just as soon after his trembling hands reached for the strong muscled chest, palming it gently as he smiled almost shyly with those big pretty eyes of his. “You know I’ve been waiting for that sensei.” However his reply came out in a quiet voice, laced somewhat heavily with a pent up growing need. And like a hungry, patient cat, the brunette tilted his head to side just a bit without breaking their heated gazes, a small smirk had claimed his lips—an obvious sign he’d returned to ‘that’ Yutaka. “Don’t make me wait any longer, sensei.”

Yutaka had a feeling Yuu might not want to go rough with him this time, but the way he thumbed the buttons of the raven’s shirt open slowly, teasingly, already straddling him on the couch, showed Yuu how much he wanted it to be the other way. But maybe that could wait?

“I wanna ride your cock sensei...” Yutaka muttered under his breath, more like purring, his expression tempting. He shifted his position a bit to press and rub his knee against Yuu’s clothed, hardening arousal as he peeled the fabric off his lover’s shoulders. “Can I?” He flashed his sweetest grin at Yuu.

Yuu could feel how his eyes darkened, his arousal nearly unbearable at the other's words and more so when that knee rubbed against his crotch. Gripping Yutaka's waist, he tried desperately to remain gentle and loving, but it was getting difficult... "Yes, you can," he whispered, shrugging out of his upper clothes completely and cradling his student's face, not breaking eye contact. "Whatever you want."

And he meant it. All Yutaka needed to do was tell him what he so wished, and he would give it to him. Pushing the other's shirt upwards, he slowly took it off, palms rubbing downward from chest to a smooth expanse of abdomen, smiling before leaning upward and guiding his student's head down by the nape so their lips could meet in a heated kiss.

But while it was passionate, it was also loving, Yuu wanted to make sure. Tilting his head, he deepened the liplock, tongue delving into the recesses of the brunette's mouth, tasting and memorizing what was now his - and Yutaka was, right?


Yutaka giggled cutely since he couldn’t help but notice how Yuu was controlling the hell out of himself, and he looked as if there was an imaginary leash on him that kept straining and straining almost, breaking it off and the knowledge thrilled the young male. “Mine too.”

Adjusting his position to straddle his sensei, he wrapped his slender naked arms around Yuu’s neck and leaned down to meet the other’s lips halfway, melting himself in the process as felt the rigidity of the raven’s chest pressing and rubbing against his own, making him pant sharply into the deep searing kiss.

Still keeping up with the kiss, the brunette dropped one hand low, one arm braced over the head of the couch behind Yuu’s couch as Yutaka proceeded to grind his aching naked upper half thoroughly against the older man’s and start slowly unfastening his belt and was immediately startled once he felt his phone buzz in his jeans back pocket.

Groaning with dissatisfaction into the kiss at being interrupted by the continuous buzzing, Yutaka dipped his hand into the said pocket to retrieve the phone and let the side of his face and neck be showered by Yuu’s loving kisses as he checked the name of who the hell was calling him at this time.

“Oh, it’s just Kou,” he grunted and carelessly tossed his phone onto the coffee table behind him then turned his head just in time to moan in pleasure at the sudden feel of Yuu’s teeth and lips against the patch of his soft skin, the exact one of the many spots the raven had marked him before. The heated sensation directly shot to and hardened Yutaka’s dark nipples, silently begging for them to be fucked like before as he fisted his hands in Yuu’s dark locks.

Yuu groaned in response to Yutaka's moaning, bucking his hips upward as he trailed his mouth and tongue down from abusing his student's neck to sucking at a nipple, lapping at it lewdly and then giving it a tug, looking up at him through half-closed eyes as he breathed hotly against the other's heated skin. And then he was switching, doing the same, but this time his hands already found Yutaka's ass, cupping it and kneading.

"Fuck, Yutaka... take everything off," he whispered feverishly as he lifted his head again to bite and suck on the other's lower lip. He then let go, waiting for him to get off as he got rid of his own pants and boxers, hands immediately finding his length and stroking it slowly and lazily while watching the younger man undress.

And damn it, he couldn't wait for his beautiful lover to straddle him again and ride the hell out of his cock, just like he said he would. It was going to be highly enjoyable, he was sure.

Yutaka flicked his dark starving gaze down to Yuu’s long heavy cock being stroked with those fine calloused fingers as he hummed low, driving his hooked thumb to the elastic band of his soaked boxers ever so slowly in agonizing pleasure – just for the raven-head to watch every single second of the show. His jeans pooled around his ankles before he stepped out of them, chuckling to himself in a delighted voice. “Sensei, am I late for your class?”

“Thinking about it…” Putting an unoccupied hand to his mouth, Yutaka faked a slightly shocked paired with terrified and guilty look as he dipped his hooked thumb lower, revealing his already precum-glossed length from that layer of fabric. He walked over to Yuu, swaying those hips of his, leaving the boxers right on the floor as he stood before Yuu. “I have been absent from your classes for a long time, haven’t I? So I’m sorry sensei.” Curving his hands over Yuu’s shoulders, he pouted gently as he lowered his head and pushed the raven-head back to sit on the couch, bringing his slim legs trap the other’s thighs and bracing himself on his knees. His sensei’s huge cock didn’t escape from his attention, not even a second, as he chewed on his lip slightly, forcing down a strangled lump in his tight throat as he felt something knot heatedly inside him, his toes curling once he glanced back up at Yuu. He fluttered his heavy-lidded eyelashes as he kept on with his tiny pout that was almost faltering due to the growing and suffocating hotness between their almost-joined bodies. “Yutaka is sorry. But that doesn’t mean Yutaka can’t get to play with sensei’s cock.” Leaning in while steadying his breathing, he pressed his forehead against Yuu’s one, which already had a thin layer of sweat already. He placed his warm hands around the raven-head’s to peel them away from the drenched rigid cock that was already reaching out at his awaiting entrance. “Right? Oh, right. Sensei has already said I can anyway. Ehe, sorry.” Yutaka pulled his head back as he let a chuckle fall past his lips, determined to hold Yuu’s gaze as the first few mind-blowing heated inches of the raven-head’s cock stretching his hungry muscles took hold. After lowering himself slowly, every tiny muscle on his face tightened once he groaned out loud, almost throwing his head back as he stiffened. “Ngh, s-senseiii—“

Yuu gritted his teeth as he watched Yutaka's face, steadying him with both hands on his hips as his student impaled himself on his cock. "Ssh... take it easy..." Rubbing a palm gently on the younger man's lower back, he guided him carefully with little soothing sounds, leaning forward and placing a chaste kiss on Yutaka's cheek, resisting the urge to just buck his hips upward and get the penetration over and done with.

Looking into his eyes, he smiled with much effort, free hand cradling a jaw as he leaned forward and kisses the brunette openly and softly, breathing against his mouth and groaning as he slipped even deeper in, the warm and wet tightness around his length almost too much to bear.

"Fuck, Yutaka, Yutaka..."

He couldn't keep the liplock going though, keeping their foreheads pressed together, his eyes screwed shut in concentration until the other was finally sitting on his lap, sheathing him completely. Eyelids fluttering open, he smiled, or more smirked, at the younger man, running his palms on those sinful hips in a caress. He did a slow upward roll of his groin to press the head of his cock on that very special spot inside his student that would drive him insane, would make him moan loudly in pleasure and move on his own, wanting and needing more, fuck more.

Unable to wait any longer, he lifted Yutaka from his lap without breaking eye contact, dropping him down on his cock with a sharp, upward thrust and a guttural groan, moving his grip to the other's ass and spreading those lower cheeks open.

"Move Yutaka, fuck yourself on sensei, come on."

“Haa…hngg…sensei is so huge…” Fuck, he fucking missed this feeling and the intense pleasure was almost too much and unbearable, surging through all of his systems in one hell of a shot. And fuck, still, he needed more of this.

And fuck, fuck! He needed more and more of Yuu.

“My pleasure sensei.” Giving a slow sultry smirk, he tilted his head back this time as he closed his eyes, moving his palms to set on the parts close to Yuu’s knees and arching his chest once he managed to have a firm grip to balance himself, along with the help of the raven-head’s tight grasp on his ass cheeks.

Instead of doing the usual lifting and lowering in such position, Yutaka moved his hips back and forth, his smooth plane of stomach dipping and stretching in time and he almost looked like a snake dancing gracefully to the tempting vibrations with that curvy body of his. His lips parted wide as he let loose throaty moans at the incredible searing sensations of Yuu’s hard and thick cream-coated cock shifting sinuously inside his hungry hot walls and filling him whole, letting the cockhead repeatedly rub at that certain fiery spot.

“T-touch me…” Yutaka bit his lip slightly, he didn’t need to open his eyes and watch how swollen and stiff his own soaked length because he already fucking know how it already was, and he didn’t need it to be neglected. “S-sensei…”

Yuu groaned at the sight and feel of his student undulating on top of him, rubbing the head of his cock on that sweet and special spot of his repeatedly. Gripping Yutaka's hip with a hand, he rubbed at the slit on the other's length with a finger as he gripped it loosely, smirking as he panted out words.

"You like it though, that I'm so thick inside you, spreading you so open... "

Giving the younger man's cock a few hurried strokes, he encompassed him with his arms after pushing at him slightly so that he was leaning away even while straddling him, supporting Yutaka's lower back with open palms as he began jerking his hips, fucking the other hard and slow.

"Mmm... juicy and tight..." He refused to break eye contact as he slid and out of such hot, delicious heat, wanting Yutaka to be a pleasured mess on his lap, driving his cock into the other's prostate but keeping his movements slow and lazy, smirk widening as the brunette leaked even more, his member weeping precum.

Leaning down, he flicked a tongue over a nipple teasingly before sucking it into his mouth, murmuring as soon as he was done with it: "Don't touch yourself. Let me just-" He pulled out nearly completely and slammed back in with a pleasured groan, before tightening his arms around Yutaka's waist and just like that, laying him down on the carpet as he stood up briefly to remove them from the couch. The sight of the younger male so pleasure, so wanton, was too much to bear.

Yutaka was just begging to be fucked.

"Fuck, I can't stand it," He braced his arms on either side of the other's head, leaving his pupil's legs lewdly spread as he settled in between, before deciding to go wild, his promises of being gentle broken as he began giving it to Yutaka ruthlessly, almost brutally, grunting beside his ear. "I want you, fuck, scream for sensei, it feels good right? Hmm?"

No, it felt beyond so awfully god damn good.

“Ahhhh! Ngg-ah! F-fuucckk—ahhnn—“ A stream of breathless and hoarse screams ripped quite harshly from the back of Yutaka’s tight throat, his eaving chest arching in sharp snaps as he coiled his fingers into Yuu’s arms hard at every sharp intrusion. “F-fuck sensei!”

Slightly whimpering and giving a throaty pleasured groan, Yutaka struggled to rock his own quivering hips swiftly – which was almost impossible – to meet Yuu’s as he was endlessly being rammed against the carpet, his own red pulsing hole getting powered and pounded by that steeling eager rod, filling him every second to the very brim.

Unhh—mmmphhnn!” Heavily drunk on the pain and pleasure and this time, passion, yes, his pale ass accepting and cushioning the hammering thrusts of that huge thick cock, sliding in and out swiftly his wet bruised inner muscles, he encased Yuu’s neck with his arms and dragged him down for deep and long, aggressive and fiery kiss. His mouth slid up the length of his lover’s neck and attached itself to that one sensitive juncture between the neck and shoulder, instantly sinking his saliva-covered teeth into the sweaty scalding skin with a loud groan.

“I’m close, I’m close, I’m so close sensei—“

It was too good, and the further they went on, the tighter Yutaka seemed to clench around him with his every pound, his student's body getting ready for release. Groaning above him as he continued to drive himself inside the younger male, Yuu reached between them and gave Yutaka's leaking cock a few strokes, gathering the precum with a thumb and quickly sucking the dirtied digit into his lips, looking down at his student with a smirk.

"Tastes good. Give sensei more, come for me."

Settling on his lower arms now, he made sure Yutaka's cock was positioned perfectly between their rocking bodies, giving it all the friction that it needed as he gained speed, eyes closed and breathing ragged, hips the only remaining part of his body that was moving rapidly. "Sensei is close too... uunn... Yutaka, fuck, I'm coming..."

Chest heaving, Yuu threw his head back with a relieved-sounding moan, orgasming within clenching walls, his hips jerking irregularly as he rode out his release, gripping the side of Yutaka's head by the hair and murmuring against it feverishly, and he couldn't help but drive his cock harder than ever as he dirtied his student's ass, pounding into the sweet little body beneath him for all it was worth.

"Oh fuck yeah, take it, take all of sensei's cum..."

Letting out husky cries as his chest arched off the carpet and thin legs clasped in a death grip around the waist and heels dug hard into the lower back, Yutaka shuddered uncontrollably underneath Yuu’s strong slick body, his lower part wrenched completely in a good way after convulsing violently around the latter. “—Mmmhhn! G-adhfuck, fuck…!” And then it took a while, in the such blistering moment they were sharing next, for things to reach his heavily-dazed mind, like the feel of his swollen tender muscles sucking in the raven’s hot slick seed and still holding the older man’s cock within them, like the splashes of cum down his inner thighs once he shifted them a bit and on his stomach and the snagging pattern of sharp breaths.

“Mmm…” Completely spent, Yutaka made a tiny sound as he retracted his tired arms, but not before he turned his head a bit, gently kissing the side of Yuu’s face. He then placed his hands on both of his lover’s cheeks once they were eye to heavy-lidded eye, one warm steady breath shared. The next thing Yutaka knew, he was capturing the raven’s lips with his own, all the while still holding him inside and staying like this for a moment.

“I love you.” He said it without the title included, and this time, Yutaka didn’t feel anything could get in their way, not their large age barrier, not even their teacher-student relationship. “I love you.” With a tender gesture, Yutaka ran his delicate fingers through dark damp locks, tucking some of them behind one ear, watching as the rest fell back into his face which made a smile claim his lips and a small giggle escape him.

Something inside Yuu felt heavy but in a good way as he watched Yutaka smile and giggle below him, his thumb caressing the other's cheek bone just as tenderly as he gazed at him, the younger man's words striking deep within him.

"I love you too," he whispered finally, taking the hand that had tucked strands of hair behind his hair in his, pressing its palm against his mouth and planting a brief and sweet kiss upon it. "I shouldn't, but I do."

Pulling his cock out, he rolled them around so that Yutaka was on top of him, his arms encasing the other's waist as he looked up lovingly at him. "And I know we're not going to work, that it's impossible to be with you while I'm your teacher so... after this term..." He smiled a bit sadly, palms rubbing up and down the brunette's back. "I'll be resigning so I can be with you."

It suddenly fell silent around them, with a shocked Yutaka staring long at Yuu, the latter’s words resounding in his mind a few times all the while he lost the ability to speak.

“What?” It came out as a weak, trembling whisper and Yutaka found himself shaking his head slowly with a frown on his face. “No…y-you don’t have to do that for me. I-I mean, teaching is what you love and everyone likes you at the university and you’re actually still young…and...” But Yuu was going to do it for him, so at least Yutaka should give him his support? However the guiltiness was already the only thing Yutaka was feeling now…

He bit his lip then, sucking on it as his face twisted slightly and head fell weakly upon Yuu’s chest, voice cracking as he sobbed faintly. “Why is it so hard…”

Yuu turned his head to the side slightly, planting a kiss on Yutaka's temple and unspeaking for a while until that sob-like sound, faint as it was, drew his attention. Carding his fingers through the other's hair, he spoke against it, voice quiet.

"I can't keep seeing you in school everyday and not have you, Yutaka. It'll be a torture. I can always work elsewhere, although it means we'll be apart..."

Pushing the other a little away so they were looking in each other's eyes. "But at least we can be together officially if..." It was at this moment that he stuttered slightly, Yuu suddenly unsure. "If you want to be with me of course."

Lifting a hand, he cradled his student's beautiful face, stroking his jaw with his calloused fingertips before lifting his head a bit and catching the other's mouth in a soft and loving kiss. Yutaka responded to it with a gentle brush of his lips against Yuu’s, though as he did that he could feel his throat holding a breath and his body tensing just a bit, as if there was something trying hold him back; as if he himself was doing so.

But he was sobbing no more, allowing himself to be gradually soothed by the raven’s tender hand against his dried tears streaked cheek and of course, in the pure knowledge of the love presented by the older male as well.

And of course—

“Yes, yes…I want to be with you...and I do…I really do.” Yutaka nodded his head, somewhat nuzzling against Yuu lovingly, but his eyes were still laced with something else, not the uncertainty of how their relationship really would be, now that he’d agreed to date Yuu. But something unsettling. “I love you.” And if such three words could strengthen himself against the insecurities he was struggling with now, he’d gladly say that over and over again. “I’m yours.”

It wasn’t the best time to worry about something else, especially after all they had done earlier just was making love, so Yutaka wanted some good and quick distraction, even if it wouldn’t truly improve his mood. Though, what kind of other distraction he should have asked for when he already had one who was hot and had fucked him good right this close to him?

“Mmm…sensei, I’ve a question.” He lifted one hand with a fake curious-like look. “Are we going to continue using the carpet as our bed or nah?”

Yuu blinked several times, surprised, before laughing and embracing Yutaka around the waist tightly, sitting up and nuzzling his collarbone affectionately. "Bedroom then. Come on."

Guiding the brunette to stand up, he tugged him towards his room, grinning and pushing him down on the bed. He then climbed on top of him and kissed his lips playfully, fingers carding through brown hair gently.

"Stay the night?" Pressing kisses on Yutaka's cheek and moving downward to his jaw then his neck, he repeated the question of not so long ago as he placed his cheek on the other's chest, looking up at him with fond eyes.

“I—“ What, what was this? Yutaka almost brought himself to squealing out gyahhh as he watched Yuu with wide dark brown eyes and an amused smile he was obviously unable to hide, delicate fingers raking through the black silky mop sticking to his still sweat-glossed chest, in which he then brushed the soft bangs backwards gently to allow himself a clearer view of those soft, molten, loving dark eyes.

Good lord, Yuu could be totally adorable sometimes. So effin’ much. Ohmygod.

Like a kitty. And it reminded of the ones he had at his own home.

“Of course! Yutaka’s a good student of sensei, right? Right?” The brunette was already grinning childishly by now while he rubbed his palms over any exposed pale skin he could reach once he loosely wrapped his arms around the raven’s neck. “I’ll do whatever you want. But we’re seriously going to sleep, I’m a bit dying from exhaustion so we both will do that—” He was interrupted by the ringing from his phone – for what time now? Really? - outside of the room, making him grunt low in frustration until the noise finally died down that he finally let loose a held breath, dropping his head against the pillow underneath with a sigh and wondering what the hell was so important that could drive his friend to abuse his phone with calls and, perhaps, texts as well. But he’d soon figure that out because right now, he just wanted to have a sleep with Yuu, his new official lover.

And he did just that. Both of them did.
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