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Fatal Charm { Reita/Aoi } - Chap 3 ( Part 2 )


Title: Fatal Charm
Chapter: 3/?
Author: Miya & Nana
Genre: Romance/Yaoi/Angst/AU-school
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Yaoi/Male x male sex
Band: the Gazette
Pairing: Reita x Aoi, Kai x Ruki, implied Aoi x Ruki
Summary: Field trip? Nah, feels trip.
Disclaimer: We don't own the boys (wouldn't be here if we did, lol), this story is purely fictional, nothing of it is true (sadly). We claim this fic as ours.
Author Miya’s comment: Nothing much to say, but please enjoy our Aoita in this chapter x)

They arrived about one and a half hours later and Aoi wasn't in a particularly good mood when he woke up. In fact, he was in a really shitty mood.

His back and neck hurt, his legs felt sore and asleep from being leaned against the front seat for too long and his throat was as a dry as a desert.

Aoi groaned as he sat up properly, and some annoying feminine voices shot through his ears.

"Aoi-kun! Aoi-kun! Will you help me with my luggage?"

"No, he'll help me!"

"No, he won't!"

Oh goodness. Aoi closed his eyes, thoroughly stretching his body and throwing a dismissive glance at the girls sitting a few rows before him.

"No, I won't. You can do it by yourself," he replied with a good mixture of annoyance and sweetness in his voice.

The girls reacted with accordingly frustrated whining sounds but it wasn't as if Aoi paid them any mind.

Grabbing the backpack he'd brought into the bus with him, he slung it over his shoulder and made his way out of the bus, emerging onto the hotel's parking lot.

The building was based on the countryside, on a hill actually and the rooms on the highest floor probably had a fantastic view on the landscape with it's wide meadows and rivers.

The raven sighed and turned his back on the scenery in order to get his luggage out of the bus' trunk, mingling with all the other girls and boys that elbowed each other in front of the opened luggage room.

"Ugh, get out of my way," he murmured irritatedly a few times until he'd finally arrived at the front, reaching for his familiar suitcase.

Except... there was another hand. Reaching for his luggage. His.

Aoi's body tensed and he slowly turned his head to the side to look at the owner of said hand. No surprise who it was. His eyes narrowed threateningly, piercing straight into Reita's who looked like his heart was about to burst out from his chest but before he could say anything (he would've spit the words out, rather), there was a loud exclaim from their teacher behind them.

"You all have about one and a half hours to settle in and then we'll meet again in the foyer area!"

Aoi's glance slowly glided back to his luggage, Reita's fingers now curled around its handle.

"Take your hands off," Aoi growled under his breath and Reita was hesitating for a second or two, maybe three, was probably considering just to kiss the hell out of Aoi right here in front of all eyes- but he decided against it, of course.


The bleached blond retreated with a sigh that was only meant and audible for Aoi's ears. The latter at least tried to ignore Reita's saddened expression before heaving his suitcase out onto the streets.

Not sparing him another glance, Aoi turned on his heels and joined the seemingly endless flood of third year students that began to enter and check into the hotel.

It was ridiculous, of course. It was ridiculous, them behaving like this despite knowing that they were sooner or later going to be forced to talk to each other again.

Oh how he dreaded those one and a half hours.

And of course, Aoi wasn’t the only one.

Reita tried to look as neutral as possible, scratching his head for a moment as he stood with his suitcase by his legs and almost all of the third year students passing by and leaving him before he could make a move.

Ugh, he had only been helping out!

Damn asshole.

Well, he does have a nice one though…

Reita got the keycard after he waited for his turn in the line of students, being one of the last. He was silent for most of the time, not paying much attention to the noises around him, except to that one particular voice—vibrating with excitement and joy it wouldn’t ever want to share with Reita.

The blond suddenly stumbled with a surprised curse, bumping into a few male students from his class and apologizing to them straight away, earning himself a pat on the shoulder as he heard a familiar concerned voice.

“You okay, man?” Kai jutted his chin as he looked at Aoi’s retreating form, almost with a cringe at that as he began massaging Reita’s stiff shoulders. The blond gave a tiny nod, fixed the straps of his bag and pulled his suitcase close to his legs.

“Yeah, don’t worry.” Reita continued walking, Kai matching up his pace and smiling once he saw Ruki coming his way to join their hands together.

“So?” Kai questioned Ruki, somewhat lowering his voice and slowing down his pace while Reita went two, three steps ahead, one hand clutching the key card to his and Aoi’s room.

“I changed it with Takashi. And he didn’t ask much.” The brunet gave a silent shout of extreme delight as he punched the air at that, quickly being hushed by his boyfriend who was actually as happy as he was.

“What are you guys talking about?” Reita spoke his curiousity since Kai and Ruki seemed to be hiding something. He was now waiting for an elevator to descend after pressing the button to call it.
“I’m going to share the room with Rukiiii!” Kai jumped and squeezed the smaller male in his arms who squirmed and laughed, both of them oblivious to Reita’s shocked expression for several moments before the blond gave a verbal response.

“But, sensei said—“

“He doesn’t know, and he won’t know. And we’re not the only ones, some students must have done it too.” Kai’s grin was too bright for Reita’s taste.
“So, if you think you’ll have problems with your roommate, feel free to change it with someone who’s willing.”

Well, actually there were a lot of female wolves waiting for that to happen…

“Yeah, I might…” The double doors of the elevator opened, and Reita and the couple stepped in. “I might consider it.”

But he didn’t. Because as he saw Aoi walking along the corridor the moment the doors parted, the knowledge about the whole room exchange thing was driven out from his mind instantly, and what he could only think at that time was, no matter what, this 4-days-3-nights field trip would probably be his last chance.

Before he left.

Shocked, Reita’s hand made a sudden halt in the air, tightening his grip around his room keycard with Aoi’s hand in the same state next to it. He was contemplating whether or not he should unlock the standard twin room or let Aoi do it instead.

God it felt so fucking awkward…

Shaking his head to himself, Reita didn’t risk a glance at Aoi since he refused to meet the other’s more-than-ever-pissed-eyes, and placing his card in the keycard lock until a tiny green light close to the top end flashed, he pushed the door open, dragging his suitcase along with him and goddammit his heart was already wrecking and wrecking and wrecking his damn weakening chest.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, just fucking stop doing that!

It was after he fixed his glasses that he finally manage to saunter –as convincing as he did— towards where two single beds were placed next to one another, a nightstand in between them, double tinted transparent sliding glass doors – leading to a balcony—on the right side.

Reita chose the bed next to it for himself, a flat LCD TVhanging from the other wall, facing the other bed’s side. There was also a mini refrigerator, situated a few steps close to the bathroom which was actually large enough with marble floors and frameless shower screens (and nope, nope. Reita wasn’t going to let his mind wander off to… somewhere.)

He sat down on the edge of the bed, losing a breath as his muscles relaxed before he quietly set his bag and suitcase down, somehow daring to look at Aoi this time as he opened his mouth, almost closing it when he felt his throat clenching.

“You wanna take a shower first or… and, I mean, then after that go down to meet the others,” he hesitated to continue, of course he fucking did, but he willed his flapping mouth to squeeze out the word. “…together?”

Aoi took his time to stay quiet as he eyed Reita dismissively after setting his suitcase down next to the other bed, one eyebrow lifted.

“Yeah, fine with me.”

He was actually trying –his hardest- to stay as terse as possible, already zipping open his bag to take out a bottled shampoo and shower gel before he disappeared into the bathroom without saying another word or looking at Reita.

The blond blinked after Aoi, letting out a deep and heavy sigh as he slowly lowered his body to lie down on the bed, moving his arms to cover his closed eyes and muttering with a regret laced voice. “Fuck, I thought he’d say no...” Ah, he shouldn’t have asked. And now he had to wait now.

A faint buzz in his pocket drew his attention and made his hand shove into it to retrieve his phone. He read a newly received text from an unknown number.

014-XXX XXXX (Friday, 4:17 p.m.)
I saw you kissing him.

Reita bolted up, heart speeding up with eyes going wide in shock as he read the short text again and again, face heating and almost jumping out of his skin once his phone dinged with a new text coming in.

Same number!!

014-XXX XXXX (Friday, 4:19 p.m.)
I have proof (attached photo)


Reita had to bite down on his lip hard to prevent himself from screaming.

014-XXX XXXX (Friday, 4:19 p.m.)
You’re so cute :3

Aoi took an extra long shower consisting of at least fifteen minutes, in hopes Reita just left without him. He stepped out of the shower and reached for a huge black towel to wrap it high around his body, the top end settling up to his armpits. He paused once realization hit him, making him curse.

“Fuck, I forgot to bring changing clothes,” he sighed heavily, walked out of the bathroom and then-  then stood still in the doorway as he spotted Reita who was actually still there and now looking up at him with a shocked face. Aoi frowned and a lifted eyebrow, one hand holding the towel tightly around his chest and god, Reita would have admitted it out loud how arousing the image was; with the droplets of water dripping down from the midnight locks, trailing wet trails along the pale smooth skin before disappearing behind the black material. And fuck, fuck, he couldn’t help it that his eyes suddenly moved southward to stare at the curvy thighs until the owner’s voice caught him off guard.

“You look as if you’ve seen a ghost, what’re you staring at?”

Holy fucking shit Reita needed to get a hold of himself like, seriously.

“I-uh, no nothing,” he attempted a tight-lipped smile as he brought his eyes back up, cheeks reddening with embarrassment. “Just a text I just got… and it was a stupid one. Well ya know what?” He quickly disappeared into the bathroom with his own bottled body shampoo, towel and changing clothes. “You can go without me, I’ll follow later.”

He suddenly halted in his pace, eyes widening because fuck he totally forgot about it! And so he had to rush to get his phone before heading all the way back to the bathroom.

Reita hadn’t realized that Aoi was frowning more and more with his eyes following the blond without missing a single step. Waving off the trivial matter, Aoi shrugged and started to dry and dress himself up, blow drying his hair since he refused to get into the bathroom while Reita was still in there.

“I’m leaving!” he exclaimed by the time he was done, walking to the door. “Don’t be late, Suzuki!” He wasn’t sure if Reita could hear him, since the blond had seemed to be having something bugging his mind earlier. Making sure he had his phone, wallet and a pack of cigarettes together with a lighter stuffed in his pockets, he left the room and headed downstairs into the lobby.

Since the teacher was nowhere to be seen yet, Aoi occupied one of the empty couches, taking out his phone after looking around and spotting a group of girls (sure enough he himself had gained their attention), with Kai and Ruki already being there in the area.

About five minutes later, Reita was still in the shower, the cold water jet spraying over his body nonstop just to make sure he could get rid of any heated thoughts (about Aoi, yes) and cool and calm his nervousness about whoever had just freaking sent those texts! It was threatening to Reita and he felt like he should take a look at the photo again to figure out the taken angle.

“Ugh, I should’ve been more careful…”

Well, too late for that.

“Please behave like real adults.”

Their middle-aged teacher stressed this to all of the students, who answered with either a wave or a hum that could also mean otherwise. “There’s a beach located quite far from here, if some of you are really determined to spend your time there, then go ahead, but transportation will be on your own expense. Unless you want to just head over by feet, I’d have no problem with that. On the last night of your stay here, you’re free to throw a party here as requested by some of you.”

“Oi, Reita, join us tomorrow at the beach.” Kai bumped his shoulder against the blond’s, the teacher’s voice no longer receiving their attention as they gradually immersed into their own conversations.

“Uh,” frowning a bit, Reita actually seemed hesitant as he considered the invitation, however, his thoughts were interrupted by Kai’s deafening voice, his body being shaken vigorously.

“NOOOO, don’t think ‘bout books. Please, please. We’re gonna rock out our holidays and yes we’re so gonna do that. You’ll deal with them after this field trip ends, buddy.”

"Fine, fine!" Reita exclaimed as he lifted his hands, just so he could stop Kai from spinning his head on and on. "Oh God, please gimme a break."

"You'll get it!" Kai changed to hugging him tight now, laughing aloud as he was being pushed away by an annoyed Reita.

Attention drawn, Aoi snapped to look up from his phone, body tensing at seeing the brunette hugging Reita like that, unconsciously gritting his teeth instantly as he gripped his device.

Who on earth is he to touch Reita like—

His eyes suddenly blinked the moment he realized they met Reita’s and he had to quickly avert his glance back down to his phone, hoping it hadn’t been obvious when it really had and it confused him, it was confusing enough he didn’t know why he’d done that.

Had that kind of emotion.

It had merely been a goddamn friendly hug.

A command from the teacher, and Aoi got up to leave the lobby and follow the group of some other students outside, unable to not throw another brief glance over his shoulder at Reita just to see how busy and occupied the blond was while talking to Kai. Their massive group was now walking down the hill the hotel was built on and towards a small piece of forest.

Aoi pouted to himself thoughtfully, hands sliding in his pockets. By the time the whole group finally arrived at a certain area surrounded by tall trees of various kinds, the teacher called for Reita to come forward, just to give some explanations about these… green, living things.

Afterwards, while he conducted some discussions with a few students, he glanced at the rest of their group, trying to figure out who had been blackmailing him (in a harmless way though, he supposed) and couldn’t help but also search for Aoi among them, but he was nowhere to be found.

Turned out Aoi had already sneaked off immediately, walking past decade old trees and over fallen branches and dead leaves until he found a little stream and settled down close to it, further from the group’s attention. That way he could smoke without getting caught by any of them.

“And that’s our Reita-sensei! Thanks for your lesson! Can we move on nowww?” Kai exclaimed somewhere behind him, laughing along with the rest as Reita grunted in response, somehow curling a smile once he was being shoved forward to continue walking along the paved path.

The noisy brunette just made Aoi’s eyes roll sideways. He really couldn’t stay quiet, could he? The raven heard their teacher saying something he just ignored, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.  Inhaling deeply and exhaling the smoke slowly as if he was trying to calm himself down, he watched the water in the stream flow smoothly over moss and rocks.

Reita suddenly stopped in his tracks, letting a few students pass him by as he turned around, scanning the rest of the group.

Where is he?

Kai stopped walking as well, looking over at Reita with curiosity as he stood next to him. “Rei, what are you looking for? Did you drop something along the way?”
“Umh, no. No…but,” Reita gave a hum, softening his gaze in understanding and already seemingly far away as he started moving away from the group. “You go on without me, tell Sensei I’ll return soon.”
He followed the path, and soon found Aoi smoking, but he stayed silent as he watched him from behind.

Maybe he didn’t hear what Sensei said.

Judging from the situation, Reita decided to just approach Aoi, though he did it carefully by taking slow steps as so not to startle the raven.

“Hey, Aoi…hey,” he gave a few tiny pokes to the other’s shoulder, uncertain whether he was actually listening or not. “Let’s go.” The blond coughed a bit, hand waving slightly to chase away the grey smoke. “Don’t wanna leave you here alone.”

Aoi winced just a slightest bit at the sudden voice and the poking on his shoulder, only shaking his head in response and saying with a mock voice, “What do you think I’m here for?”

He inhaled from his cigarette again, still not turning around to look at the other. “I don’t really feel like following these kiddos around and watching them getting to know the difference between fir and beech.” He breathed out a stream of smoke, giving a tsk. “I’m too old for this shit.” He laughed bitterly to himself.

Reita frowned at the cold remark, hardening his gaze and straightening himself before crossing his arms. “Yeah? As far as I know that shit could probably help you in the finals, you’re welcome old boy.”

Seriously. The raven released an audible, annoyed sounding sigh, bending his legs so he could prop his elbow on one of his knees. “What the fuck do you want? Because I’m surely not gonna do what Sensei says, you know me well enough to know that.”

He swallowed and took another drag from his cigarette.

“Well you certainly don’t have to act this way though. It’ll just be this time to obey him.”

Reita frowned as he coughed again, wrinkling his nose at the tobacco smell. “C’mon Aoi,” he sighed, softening and lowering his voice.

“God, you are so fucking annoying,” Aoi groaned, rising to his feet and throwing his cigarette to the ground before he stomped it out harshly with a foot and rushed past Reita without saying anything more.

“…And you can be such a kid sometimes.”

Reita scratched his head, still wearing a frown as he looked to the destroyed cigarette and started following Ao, but then there was an unsettling feeling that made him stop from going forward, looking around for… something, since he felt as if there was someone watching them from far. It could be anything.

“I-WHAT?” Aoi’s eyes suddenly went wide, having heard what Reita had said about him and he came to an abrupt stop just as he arrived close to the group, turning around to glare at Reita furiously and catching the blond by surprise. “I am a kid? I—??” He struggled to bite his lip, waiting for the group to walk a little further before stepping close and hissing at Reita. “Listen, I am not the one who kept his fucking emotions all to himself and only made matters worse that way, OKAY.” He scoffed incredulously and turned his back on Reita. 

“What—?” Reita glanced at other students before lowering his voice, already frowning hard. “So you’re saying I should have told you way earlier? Is that it? Would there be a difference if I did it that way? You,” he let out a bitter chuckle as something splintered inside him, making him curl his hand into a fist. “You just don’t understand, do you?”

“Yes!” Aoi twirled around with his eyes a bit wider than before, filled with annoyance and rage. “That’s exactly what I’m saying, you idiot!” He stabbed Reita’s chest with one finger, with the both of them getting a bit left behind from the group. “And I don’t have to understand anything, I just know that you fucked up big time, Suzuki.”

Reita stared at Aoi, the words stung him so much the pain was written across his face, locking his mouth into silence before he attempted a slow bitter smile, averting his eyes. “Right, you just wanted to get fucked anyway. What was I expecting? From you? My mistake. My bad.”
He steered himself away from Aoi so then he could join with the rest. “There are times I regret going to that party ya know.”
Lost for words, Aoi was almost letting it show, how hurt he was now as he stared at Reita. Did he really mean that? Was Reita really wishing they had never happened? But the blond was already turning away, and the raven gritted his teeth stubbornly, rushing past the blond to join the group.

“Well, at least that makes two of us.”

Later that day, all of the third year students arrived at the hotel, with Aoi seeming as though he was in a rather bad mood as he entered the building and Reita occupying Kai who was constantly blabbering about something (could be everything and anything), leaving the raven the opportunity to disappear upstairs into their room. Aoi discarded his partly sweat soaked clothes in the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Ah, that was good.
Reita was actually reluctant to return to their room, but with everyone else already starting to head to their own rooms and himself having nothing to do at the moment, he had no choice. After he’d closed the door to the room behind him, he stepped further inside, directing his gaze towards Aoi’s bed, empty without the raven. His attention was then drawn to the sound of the running water coming from the bathroom. He approached it and gave a nod to himself once it was confirmed the raven was taking a shower…

And also he couldn’t help but stare at the tiny gap between the door and the door frame, thinking to himself Aoi must have forgotten to lock it. Slowly, Reita started to move to his own bed, one hand sliding into his pants pocket to close it around his phone—

It suddenly rang, but as Reita stood there frozen and listened longer, his jaw dropped once he finally realized the device was actually not in his pocket, but in the damn bathroom.

Fuck! I left it there?! How could I not have noticed?! I haven’t deleted the photo—oh fuck. Shit! What if it’s that person calling?!

He swallowed twice and curled his hand while staring at the door, taking a deep breath before he spoke softly, trying to hide his nervousness and panic behind his controlled voice.

“Uhh… Aoi, sorry for bothering but could you… could you give me my phone?”

The raven tensed in the shower at the constant ringing of the phone, rolling his eyes as he heard Reita’s words. He opened the door of the shower a little so he could peek past it and at the bathroom door. “Are you kidding me? I’m in the shower, I’m not getting out just because your damn phone is ringing.”

And don’t you dare to come in!!

Reita face palmed himself with a sigh, dropping his hand and feeling his face heating up a bit as he could see Aoi’s naked upper body, causing him to struggle to speak
and even keep his own gaze held. “I… okay. Just… just don’t check on it or anything.”

But the phone didn’t stop ringing with its incessant sound, driving Reita to feel on edge even more.

Fuck, who’s calling right now at the wrong time?!

“Uh, I changed my mind….! I’ll just do it quickly, okay?? It won’t take a long time for me to get inside and take it and rush all the way out back.”
Aoi scoffed and turned off the water jet, extending an arm out of the shower booth to reach for a towel and immediately wrap it around his body, then getting out of the shower tipsily and snatching the ringing phone from the sink.

“Who is this anyway?”

Aoi narrowed his eyes as he looked at the screen curiously although he didn’t recognize the number. Some stranger? He looked up at Reita, ignoring the fact that he was dripping wet from no brief moment of drying himself. “Huh?”

Reita widened his eyes.

What the fuck?!


He shook his head vigorously as he rushed inside the bathroom without a second or third thought.

“No no no no! It- it’s nothing! I mean—“

He slipped a bit since the tiled floor was so damn slippery by the time he grabbed his phone from Aoi’s wet hand and he cursed and used his other hand to automatically reach out and clench around one of the raven’s arms to balance himself. “It’s no one—!”

Aoi gasped in shock at the sudden touch, almost slipping himself as he lost his balance but breaking his fall with one hand gripping the edge of the sink, thus the towel around his lower half  threatened to drop but he managed to catch it with his other hand so it was now hanging a bit beneath his belly button, enough to show his hip bones and the diamond piercing. With his lips parted and soft pants of breath leaving them, Aoi stared wordlessly back at Reita who was still gripping his arm, his skin prickling with water running down his hair and face and trembling lips, and after a short while he darted a glance down at the phone that had stopped ringing—probably seconds or minutes ago—but… Reita was still not letting go?

And Reita, goddamn it Reita, didn’t realize he had actually been staring at Aoi until his eyes followed the other’s, making his heart skip a beat and cheeks glow deep red, swallowing a hard lump as he tried to decide whether he should tear his grip way from Aoi’s arm or not.

Either one would still make him regret.

“I uh, sorry,” he muttered, somehow guiding his gaze back to Aoi’s face slowly as he softened his eyes and startled himself the moment he felt the water seep into his fingertips, cold and calming, and somewhat undeniably arousing to his warm touch. An eternity passed until he finally realized that his hand was caressing Aoi’s wet cheek, thumb gently wiping away droplets of water from it and the raven’s eyes had become wide already, unable to move or say anything at this point.  Reita swallowed.

Damn. What am I supposed to do now? The door way out is behind me but…

Reita chewed on his lip, heart thundering as he–didn’t know how this turned out, but it was going to happen—edged his own face close to Aoi’s, until his hair was touching the soaked silky black one, an inch separating their mouths, almost sharing a breath—

But Reita, in the last split second, only left a quick kiss on Aoi’s cheek— because that’s it, that was his limit—that made the raven visibly wince backwards and force his eyes to start tearing up, hoping it wasn’t visible among the water, but he could feel his lower lip was already trembling as Reita retreated not long after he released his hand from the other’s face and lowered his head, taking a few heavy steps backwards.


“Go.” Aoi could only say that through gritted teeth, averting his eyes but then he looked up at the blond, tears gathering more and more. “Go!”

And Reita did, without lifting his head as he tried to hide his face, now full of pain and regret, now out of the bathroom and even the hotel room, the door closing shut behind him and he slid his back down against it as he rubbed his hand over his face, gripping his hair hard until it left nothing but a dull pain.

“What was I doing…? I wasn’t supposed to do that.”

He leaned his head back against the door, dropping his hand as he stared up at the ceiling with stitched eyebrows.

“I wasn’t supposed to do that…”

But he hadn’t had the strength to prevent himself from doing it and he wanted more, more than what he could probably have.

After what felt like forever, he made a move to stand up, swaying a bit as he tried to balance himself, but he didn’t feel like heading back inside right now.

Consequently, he just spent a few silent hours walking around the hotel to give himself the time to clear up his mind, only returning when it was at least after midnight.

Aoi was already asleep when Reita returned, but the raven woke up to the beeping sound of a key card unlocking the lock and the sound of the door being opened with a click and closed with a faint thud, footsteps slowly coming closer and the raven only had to turn slightly to be able to look at Reita’s dark silhouette, following it until the other was standing beside his empty bed. With a whisper, he asked, voice sounding a little hoarse.

“Where have you been?”

Reita paused, standing there, frozen, while holding his blanket as he tried to remind himself of how to breathe properly –and God how difficult it really was— before he could force out a word or two as a reply. “You don’t have to know.”

He took off his glasses and set them on the night stand before he slid in under the blanket and turned his back to the other.


Aoi gulped at the reply and stayed silent for a whole while, then sighed to himself and turned around once more, staring at Reita’s back before slowly sitting up, bed creaking a little as he left it. He had no idea what he was doing. He got down to his feet and insecurely toddled the few steps over to the other to sit down. Really, it was his body forcing him to do all this. He actually… didn’t want this. Did he? Lifting the blanket, Aoi immediately spoke once Reita winced.

“Don’t move. Just don’t.”

He sniffed and swallowed, proceeding to slip beneath the blanket and –surprisingly—snuggling up to Reita’s back, even wrapping an arm over his waist, half naked (he was wearing boxers) body pressed up to the other’s as he muttered stubbornly.

“Don’t you dare think anything of this.”

He hid his face behind Reita’s back.

“I’m just cold.”


Reita was too shocked to be able to finish his sentence, hell, his brain was not even functioning a bit as he tried to register everything.

What got into his mind? Reita thought to himself.

His stiffened body slowly relaxed as time passed, skin warming at the feeling of Aoi’s face pressing against his back and the nice scent from the other was overwhelming, putting himself at ease and god he missed this… a lot, everything and anything of it, of Aoi, of Aoi...

“Night…” Reita closed his tired eyes to allow himself to drift off to sleep, but not before he carefully closed his warm hand around Aoi’s still surprisingly smooth and somehow cold one. Well, at least Aoi hadn’t been lying to him.

And if this was just a dream after all, then so be it.
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