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Delivered, I'm Yours {Kai/Ruki} -Chapter 3


Title: Delivered, I’m Yours
Chapter: 3/?
Author: miyakisakura & ravennightmare6
Genre: Romance/Yaoi/Angst/AU
Rating: PG to NC-17
Warning(s): Yaoi/Male x male sex
Band(s): the Gazette, Dir En Grey
Pairing(s): Kai/Ruki
Summary: First argument

Disclaimer: We don’t own the boys, this story is purely fictional. None of it is true. We claim this fic as ours.

Ruki knew that he should be getting back to work. It was four in the afternoon and he still had a mountain of cleaning ahead of him. But he was more than happy to just sit there and pet the cute little cat he'd found. Or until the cat decided it had had enough of him, which it did. Ruki pouted slightly as the cat jumped away from him, but he knew that's how cats were so he didn't take it personally.

"Don't worry, I'll find you later little guy," Ruki mused before turning to his dog. "And you, leave that cat alone. It's not nice to bully him."

Standing, Ruki neatened the bed cover that he had tousled before leaving the room, Koron trotting after him.

Ruki spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening cleaning up. He vacuumed upstairs, he mopped any floor that was tiled, which included that bathrooms, the kitchen, the hallways downstairs. Thank goodness everything upstairs was carpeted or had wooden floors, except the bathrooms. Next Ruki moved on to dusting, then cleaning the bathrooms; through which he discovered that scrubbing toilets was not his idea of a good time.

Finally, around seven that night, just as Toshiya was arriving home, the blond was in the kitchen with a glass of water, having just finished.

"You look tired, my dear," Toshiya mused as he set a few groceries down on the kitchen counter, which he waved Ruki away from when the blonde went to start unpacking them.

"Yeah, you have a pretty big house," Ruki chuckled, wanting to keep up a good appearance in front of Toshiya. But in his mind he was totally a snappy bitch at that particular moment in time. "I just finished cleaning up."

"Oh, thank you," Toshiya beamed. "Well, why don't you go wash up while I start on dinner? Take a bath, you've earned it."

Ruki smiled and nodded. But first, he went to the fridge and pulled a few little pieces off the barbequed chicken that was on a plate in there before he wandered upstairs. He weaved his way through a few rooms, his hand outstretched as he called;

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty." He wanted to find that cat again, and since he knew that cats loved chicken, he figured he would give it a try.

From the room at the end of the hallway, Kai’s eyebrows stitched together very slowly, pinching one of the wires of his earphones before tugging it out of his ear, tilting his head once he tried to listen to the voice.

The longer he listened to the call, the more ridiculous he thought it was. Kitty? Who? What? Wait

Ruki couldn’t have meant him?!

So much for accidentally shifting into his cat form at the wrong damn time. But good thing was Ruki didn’t seem to know anything about the secrets, so Kai hadn’t revealed anything yet. And he didn’t remember when exactly he had climbed off the bed and rushed to the door, his hand turning the metal handle very quietly and he fucking shouldnt have done that, but for some reason he did before pulling open the door, and watching the blond through the tiny crack, still calling out for his precious kitty in that sugar coated voice dripping with wrongly placed hope.

That kid would continue doing that until the cat emerged, right? As if that was going to happen. Or not at all. So Kai would have to be the person to stop him, because no one else in the house would do that since his dad was busy, cooking something in the kitchen, the sizzling sound could be heard from here.

“…You’re wasting your time, Barbie.”

Damn, it was going to take forever to find that cat, and Ruki was starting to wonder if he should just give up. But when that voice came from behind him, the blonde jumped slightly before he spun around, eyes narrowing a little at the figure he could see through the door.

"Excuse you?" He said, finely trimmed eyebrows pulling together slightly as his eyes mapped out the figure. "Who are you calling Barbie?" That was rather rude...

Turning around fully, Ruki put a hand on his hip and sauntered towards the door. He could see the guy a little better now. "Ah, you must be Kai," He mused, pausing a metre or so from the door, where he raised an eyebrow slightly. He had seen pictures floating about of this elusive young man; Toshiya's son who seemed to be something of an anti social shut-in. He was a former college student, so a few years Ruki's senior, but he seemed to be rather immature.

"How exactly am I wasting my time? Is your cat just as allergic to people as you are?" He questioned, popping his hip once more as he folded his arms over his chest, the slightly movement causing a few curls to tumble over his shoulder, and he tapped his perfectly manicured nails against his arm.

It was a shame Kai seemed to have this aversion to people, he really was very handsome. He was tall, dark haired and mysterious. He kind of had a bad boy aura around him, which was something Ruki would definitely go for. But alas, he seemed to be quite unsociable and that was a definite turn off for the blonde.

And yeah, Kai had made the wrong move. He shouldn’t have ever tried to bother the blonde and now look what he got in return, some tiny diva with a sour mouth.

This Barbie was unbelieveable.

He would’ve ignored Ruki and slammed the door as his way of responding had it not been for the smaller guy mentioning the cat, and the most interesting and hilarious thing was Ruki assummed it as his pet? He could feel the corners of his mouth twitching and aching to form a smile, almost getting himself barking out a loud laughter right away, but he still had some control over that part of him.

“Ohhhh yeah, maybe he is. Actually, he’s always like that. So what?” Kai deliberately rolled his eyes sideways before returning his gaze back at Ruki, smirking as he swung the wooden door back and forth a little. “Maybe you did something bad to him, huh? Ha, what’s that? Some food for him? Awww, what a gesture.” He cooed before suddenly dropping his voice, sounding rougher. “Listen, Barbie. Stay away, and don’t you ever dare trying to touch my cute little cat because for your information, I hate it when anyone else does that. He’s the exotic kind, more than your own tiny monster,” he cringed a little bit from inside, he had never liked to use the word ‘cute’, especially when it came to his cat form, which he’d regarded as full-blown embarrassing, “and that’s my warning. Clear? Dad!” he suddenly shouted after craning his neck.


“Bring my dinner to my room, I don’t feel like sharing the dining table with Barbie.”

“I’m not your servant! Get it yourself!”

“Ugh,” Kai groaned and he was about to close the door before he stopped and looked at Ruki with a sly grin. “Good thing you’re here at the right time, and since you’re paid for being the servant…. Dad!”

“What do you want?!”

“Barbie will bring dinner up to my room,” he gave a polite bow of his head, “thank you very much in advance. You’re being useful for the first time.” And with that, he finally closed the door and went back to his bed, his body shaking from holding back some laughter.

Scoffing, Ruki rolled his eyes, opening his mouth to reply, but the door was already shut in his face. Ruki's jaw dropped slightly as he listened to every word Kai said. Was he for real? Surely someone couldn't be this rude. Well, Ruki was rude sometimes. But Kai...Kai was just ridiculous. All he'd been doing was looking for the cat and Kai just had to go and put his big foot in the middle of it.

"Yeah, well I'm off duty at the moment." Swinging his foot out, he kicked Kai's door. "So get it yourself!"

Turning on his heel, Ruki stomped off down the hallway, his arms folded tightly over his chest. He wanted to get back at Kai... Who the hell did he think he was, talking to Ruki like that? Koron trotted along behind him, yipping occasionally, beckoning for his daddy's attention, but Ruki was too annoyed.

Wandering into the kitchen, he sat down on one of the stools behind the island, picking Koron up and setting the small dog on his lap as he watched Toshiya cook.

"I see you've become acquainted with my son," the older man mused, to which Ruki only huffed. "Don't be too hard on him, Ruki. Kai has not had the easiest life over the past year."

Sighing, Ruki tried not to seem like such an arsehole about the whole thing. "All I was doing was looking for the cat..." He mumbled sulkily.

"The cat?" Toshiya paused before he blinked and nodded. Ruki must have caught Kai in his cat form, he understood even more now why Kai didn't like Ruki. But he would need to get used to it. "Oh right, the cat. Yeah, he's always just around. I'm sure you'll see him another time."

Ruki shrugged his shoulders, feeding Koron the chicken he had in his hand. The tiny dog was more than happy to gobble down the treat and Ruki looked up with a little smile as his own steaming meal was placed down in front of him before Toshiya disappeared.

"Here, I have something to show you," the older man said as he returned, holding what looked like an old photo. And that's exactly what it was. Ruki was in slight awe as he took it, and instantly he could feel his face heating up. It was a photo of two young boys, one clearly a few years older than the other. They were in the midst of running beneath sprinklers in a grassy backyard, large smiles plastered over their faces as they held hands. And to top it off, they were both butt fucking naked.

"That's my Kai," Toshiya smiled warmly as he pointed to the slightly older and taller one. "He was almost four at the time. And this is you." He pointed to the smaller boy and Ruki could feel his face heating up even more. "I think you were only a little older than one."

Oh god, how embarrassing. Ruki smiled tightly and handed the photo back to Toshiya. "I guess we were close then, huh?"

"Oh yes, the two of you used to love each other."

Well, that clearly didn't last very long, Ruki thought. And he wondered if Kai had ever seen that photo. It wouldn't surprise him if he hadn't.


Kai spent an hour or two in his room reading a book, all the while his stomach rumbling now and then, and it was incredibly bothersome despite how hard he tried ignoring it. He sighed heavily and tossed the reading material away, not caring about the thud sound of a fallen object as a result.

Fine then, he’d find something to eat in the kitchen himself.

And it was right at that moment the door to his room creaked open, and Kai half expected to see Barbie Ruki coming inside with a tray of food but nah, it was just his dad.

“Oh, hi, daddy.” Kai beamed, as he harshly threw a pillow at the older man out of frustration, who quickly dodged the attack, and another one coming his way. “What do you want? Are you going to give me some counselling about being nice to the midget? How about no? I’m not in the mood to see your face here so get out, seriously.”

Toshiya could only shake his head and stand in front of Kai’s bed, arms crossed over his chest, his expression growing serious.

“You showed your cat form to Ruki.”

Kai darkened and rolled his brown eyes, face turning sour as he lay down on the bed, dragging the only pillow left into his arms and yelping as something hit him on the head. “Oww! Iit was an accident! You know I cant do that on purpose! He launched the pillow back at Toshiya, who caught it at the right time.

“Well, at least he doesn’t know…But please, try to be extra careful next time. Control your stupid temper.” He sighed, ruffling Kai’s brown silky hair and retracting his hand quickly before getting swatted away by the younger male’s hand. “Because Ruki is staying here longer than you’d have thought.”

“His dog too?”

“His dog too.” Toshiya confirmed with a nod of his head.

“Fuck,” Kai dropped his head onto the pillow, feeling the weight dipping low in the soft material.

“Hey, I’m gonna be away during weekend. I’ve some stuff to settle with...some people.” Toshiya didn’t have to name who they were, because Kai already knew and he didn’t have to ask. “Even meeting Ruki’s dad, ya know, update him about Ruki.”

“Wait,” With a frown, Kai lifted a hand. “…Doesn’t the weekend start tomorrow?”

Much to Kai’s annoyance, Toshiya suddenly laughed, patting his son’s shoulder a few times or more like slapping it since it left a red mark- before standing on his feet, stretching out his arms and popping some knuckles. Oh yeah, before I leave, heres something for you. A gift from daddy.

“Ew, don’t use that. You sound weird.” Kai sat up, looking up at Toshiya once the older man handed him a thin piece of paper.

“As if you don’t sound any less weird.”

“Shut up—“ Kais heart dropped the moment his eyes froze on the not-actually-a-thin-piece-of-paper-but-an-old-photo-of-two-butt-naked-little-kids. With a dark red face, he shouted, although his voice trembled a bit, G-get rid of this crap!! Of course he knew who they were, he used to see that photo a lot before and how the hell after a few years of not being brought out, his dad still chose this time to do it?!

But Toshiya was already at the door, emitting a thunderous laughter as he hugged his stomach.

“Why? It’s a nice photo, and I’m so glad I still have it. You should know that. Oh, and you should also know you two used to be those cute little love birds, even at that age.” Toshiya suddenly stopped, before scratching the side of his neck. “Was it my idea or your mom to match you two?” That made Kai stare long at the other with a weird look mixed with a touch of irritation. Toshiya gave a dismissive wave of his hand. “Anyway, good night. You can keep that photo, so whenever you feel like you want to lash out Ruki, try to remember those feelings when you were spending some fun time with him.”

The door was closed, but this time Kai wasn’t going to retort or anything, because his mouth was locked, unable to utter a word.


After dinner, Ruki was left to clean up the kitchen and he did so as quickly as he could, feeding Koron a few scraps from the left over karaage chicken Toshiya had prepared for dinner. It was really delicious, Toshiya was a really great cook and Ruki's belly was totally full. And now Koron's as well.

"I wonder where that cat got to," Ruki mumbled as he stacked up the dishwasher full of he dirty dishes. He hadn't seen the little kitty for the rest of the day. Ah well, he was sure he'd see it tomorrow at some point in time, since he would likely be home all day.

Ruki stood up once the dishwasher was on and looked over at the plate of food Toshiya had set aside for Kai and pursed his lips. With how Kai had treated him earlier Ruki should just throw the stuff out. But he at least wanted to try and play nice.

With an exasperated sigh, he picked up the plate and a pair of chopsticks before he made his way upstairs. He hadn't been into Kai's bedroom while cleaning, but he knew which one it was and he knocked on the door twice before he let himself in.

"You better not be jerking off." Wandering in, Ruki spotted Kai and tried not to seem like he was being too nice.

"Since you're so unbelievably anti-social I figured that, as your faithful maid," he rolled his eyes sarcastically. "I shouldn't let you starve up here all on your own. So here." Ruki set the plate of food down on Kai's desk along with the chopsticks.

Standing up straight once more, Ruki flicked his curls over his shoulder, placing a hand on his hip. He still needed to shower, hence he was still in his cute cotton dress and his white knee-high socks. At his feet, Koron growled at Kai and Ruki couldn't help but chuckle. It really looked like Koron didn't like Kai; he couldn't blame his puppy though.

"Well, aren't you going to thank me?" Ruki prompted, raising his eyebrow.

Kai cut a narrow look at the puppy, up to the blonde owner and back down again at the growling animal before he let out a huff and pushed himself into a sitting position, tugging down the hem of his shirt so it could covered his slightly exposed muscled stomach.

“Mmm,” he glanced at the plate for a second. “Nah. Because you brought my food late so I bet it’s cold now.  But you’re still going to take the plate back to the kitchen once it’s empty after I’m done eating. Ah, no water?  Nevermind.” Kai took the plate into his hand, as well the chopsticks in his other one. “Don’t worry I’ll chase you out of this room before I start jerking off.”

Kai snorted a little, wouldn’t want to lift his head to catch Ruki’s current expression. His attention was soon driven to the old photo his dad had left him with, taking it into his hand and initially he wished he could hide it somewhere so then Ruki wouldn’t see….but he didn’t think there would be anything wrong on the other hand though, right?

“Have you seen this?” He held the photo out, turning the thin piece so then he could take a look at it again. “You had a very tiny dick back then eh.”
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