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Fatal Charm { Reita/Aoi } - Chap 3 ( Part 1 )

Title: Fatal Charm
Chapter: 3/?
Author: Miya & Nana
Genre: Romance/Yaoi/Angst/AU-school
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Yaoi/Male x male sex
Band: the Gazette
Pairing: Reita x Aoi, Kai x Ruki, implied Aoi x Ruki
Summary: Field trip? Nah, feels trip.
Disclaimer: We don't own the boys (wouldn't be here if we did, lol), this story is purely fictional, nothing of it is true (sadly). We claim this fic as ours.
Author Miya’s comment: Nothing much to say, but please enjoy our Aoita in this chapter x)

“You don’t have to wait for me this time,” Reita murmured in a low voice, too low for Kai to hear so the brunette had to lean closer to make sure he hadn’t heard it wrong. With a confused look, he stared back at the blond who was too busy writing down formulas on a clean exercise book, lips tight as if they hadn’t uttered a word since forever. And when Kai was about to speak out about his confusion, Reita cut him short by shoving the homework in his arms without even lifting his head.
“I have to prepare for the upcoming competition so I’ll be spending longer hours here and be home later.”
“I, uh,” Kai blinked, a bit surprised at the different tone Reita was using and he could swear to the Devil his friend had never ever used it before. And he couldn’t help but feel hesitant to shrug that off, because this was a huge matter (at least to him). Reita was worrying him lately; three days ago he had come to school with sandals, marking his attendance as absent for the next day and yesterday since he had fallen sick and now he seemed a bit recovered, even though there was the occasional sniffling and coughing.

“Ouh….kay, then. If you say so,” Kai sighed, too tired to start an argument with a nerd (a probably stubborn species at that) as he checked the written formulas Reita was writing down. His eyes widened in amazement once he could finally see the relationship between the questions. The brunette patted Reita on the shoulder, the action wilting the latter a bit and Kai slowly pushed a box of tissues towards him.

“Uh, are you sure—“


“…Okay, okay. Good, great, fine. But dude, I think you should rest some more. Seriously, I think if you were a few months away from doing those math exercises, you could still catch up with them in no time. No need to drive your brain to full torture...”
Kai trailed off, voice shifting lower once he caught Reita scowling up at him, seemingly not in the mood to listen to all of that.

Kai went out of the classroom that instant and shouted, “Take good care of yourself, dude! A sick body won’t be able to drag your ass to the competition anyway!”

Yeah, Kai had a point.

And Reita had lied to him.

He let a few minutes pass by silently, the clouds floating outside in the bright sky, drifting away and away.

He suddenly stood up from his desk, cleaning it up and arranging his books in his school bag.

He didn’t have the intention to stay here any longer.

He zipped up the bag, sliding two straps up his shoulder and leaving the desk.

But he also didn’t want to spend time walking home with Kai and sharing stories…his stories about him.

He stopped dead in his tracks as something caught his attention. And he watched; watched through an open window as his brunette friend walked hand-in-hand with a familiar smaller male, towards the entrance gate, the smiles exchanged between the two of them making him feel both warm and cold.

Mostly cold.

"Naaawh, Rei-chan, are you jealous?"

Reita suddenly lost his balance, accidentally hitting a desk from behind and sending its contents from inside pouring out all over the floor.

Had everything really been fragments of memories?

Or maybe just a dream?



Aoi must have been happy.

He had seen the raven smiling in class earlier, talking with their classmates and making jokes with them, even flirting with some of the girls. Happy? Satisfied? Content? Obviously yes to all.

“Thanks to you, I no longer have distractions.”
 Reita slid the fallen contents back into their place and this time—even though it hurt him—looked at the door of the classroom, a broken hope inside him wailing faintly for Aoi to enter through it, searching for him, of all time—

But it wouldn’t happen.

Aoi wouldn’t do that.

Yeah, just keep dreaming, Reita.


It really wasn't easy.

It hadn't even been a proper break-up, yet it felt like one. Aoi had sneaked out the morning after their last night. He didn't know whether it'd been a good idea to leave Reita with nothing but a plain note written on a crumpled piece of paper he'd found in a kitchen drawer, and when he thought back to how his hand had been shaking while writing those two lines, Aoi couldn't help but think that it hadn't been a good one.

Thanks for the great time. I really enjoyed it.


He banished every thought of his former affair, didn't allow his brain to even think his name. He needed to forget.
But it really wasn't easy.

They would see each other occassionally, their damn timetables just too damn similar. Their eyes would meet across hallways with Aoi surrounded by multitudes of young girls and Reita all alone in front of his locker while switching the different books he needed.

Aoi wouldn't pay attention to how his heart stopped beating at those moments or even accelerated sometimes, would just smile flirtingly at all those uninteresting girls that had heard of Aoi "being single again." Of course they already and only knew about his and Ruki's break-up.

Because despite the somewhat dangerous, risky places they had used to meet in, he and Reita had ended up successful at hiding their affair. From everybody.


Two weeks passed and fortunately it seemed as if forgetting was growing easier. He didn't go on dates though, couldn't just yet, but with Reita being busy with preparations for the math competition it grew even more rare for them to accidentally meet at school. Aoi's heart became a lot lighter.

Consequently he didn't even mind seeing Kai and Ruki together, walking around and holding hands. Ruki would ignore him as if he was nothing but thin air and it was good that way. They needed to move on.

Today was a special day, too. The third years' last field trip approaching, the last holiday, the only last four days they could enjoy before final exams were going to take up their time.

It was during the first break that all students gathered in one of the larger classrooms, all of them rather excitedly awaiting their teacher to announce the room plans. Aoi found it ridiculous that third years weren't even allowed to decide by themselves who they wanted to room with but oh well...

Aoi entered just in time, earned a rebuking glance of his teacher and quickly searched himself a free space to stand. He was unable to stop his eyes from starting to roam though and they soon lay upon a familiar blond head. Standing right next to Kai and Ruki.

He's bonding with the enemy now, huh?

I wonder how the competition went though.

Aoi shook his head to dispel the thoughts he'd forbidden and fortunately, it was right then that their teacher raised his voice, calming the chattering crowd.

"Alright guys! I have the plans we've come up with on how to accomodate you at the hostel."

“Ahhh, I want a room with Ruki,” Kai slumped a bit against the wall as he let out a long sigh, watching as the teacher explained any necessary information and details of their trip. “I mean, everyone knows we’re dating now. They can’t possibly separate us?”

“You’re not the only one in a relationship, Kai.”
 Ruki shook his head, chuckling by the time Kai pouted even more as he squeezed the smaller hand in his. “It’ll be just for a few days.”

“What if—” Kai paused, gasping when he forced his thoughts into words, “What if I get to share a room with Aoi?! He’s probably going to sexually harrass me all nighs! No doubt!”
Yeah, Kai was still a bit paranoid, and for being loud, he was shushed by some students who shook their heads at his statement.

“Dude, focus.”
Reita tried to hold back his laughter, which ended up as a snort in the back of his throat, signaling for Kai to drive his attention back to the teacher by using his finger. “We’re gonna draw out the numbers ourselves for the rooms if you haven’t heard what sensei said.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Kai waved his hand, wrapping an arm around Reita’s shoulders afterwards before shaking the blond side to side a bit. “When is the final round of the competition again?”

“Between the fifth and last paper.”
Kai buldged his eyes at the blond but then quickly recovered from the shock because, who was he kidding anyway? Reita was a genius kid. He could score the final papers without any problems, and if Kai still remembered correctly, quite a number of universities had already offered full scholarships to the blond after he managed to get through the first round of the competition.

“Alright, you love birds. Please do the honor of being the first people to draw out room numbers.” Reita patted Kai’s shoulder, and Ruki was the first to make the move, heading to the front of the class and dipping his hand into a box before taking out a paper, with the slightly panicking brunet now leaning over to take a look at the number written on it.

“Good luck.”
Smiling, Reita gave a thumbs up at Kai from where he was standing, and gradually the classroom was growing louder as third year students began talking about their rooms, some of them were lamenting about them and discussing what they were planning once they arrived at the place.

The noise didn’t die down, not even until it was Reita’s turn, and the blond did the exact thing as anyone else; lowering his hand into the box, moving it about in it for a moment before his hand tightened around a tiny piece of crumpled paper. He took it out and read the number out to the teacher who was listing down the students’ names on a paper attached to a clipboard.

Once finished, he spun on his heels, almost halting in his tracks the second he saw Aoi heading his way and he instantly directed his gaze away, although his mind was a bit distracted, even more so when suddenly a student bumped against his left side. It sent him to lose a bit of his balance and collide shoulders with the raven.

“Sorry,” he almost hissed that out without looking at Aoi, shoving his trembling hands into his pants pockets and steering himself away, heart jamming his chest as the thought about the body contact inevitably crossed his mind.

Fuck that was close.

Once he returned to his former position, with Kai and Ruki no longer in sight, he checked his watch and almost cursed at the time. Damn, when would this thing end? He couldn’t wait to get back to their classroom and begin checking on some homework, and he still had to meet with some teachers to settle some important stuffs… Ugh.

Reita pushed his new thick framed glasses up to make them settle firmly across his eyes, and despite how bad he didn’t want to do it, he still found himself looking at Aoi’s back, however painful it was. Ah, turned out he was still the love sick fool after all this time. His hand rubbed slightly at where his shoulder had met with the raven’s.

“Alright, who’s going to be my roommate?”
Grinning, Aoi asked with a loud voice, gaining everyone’s attention that instant. He lifted the piece of paper he’d drawn out. “My room number is 114.”

Reita froze immediately.

Holy- holy fucking shit—

Literally majority of all third year students, especially the females, wailed their hearts out, giving obvious signs that none of them were going to share rooms with the school superstar.

“I don’t have a roommate?” Aoi frowned a bit, checking the paper once again and leaned over to check the name list already written on the clipboard.

Well, no one except for—

And  suddenly all voices were muted, to everyone’s surprise, focusing on revealing a familiar blond who had his hand held up in the air, teeth biting the inside of his cheek slightly as he kept his gaze away. Then he finally opened his mouth, meeting Aoi’s eyes with his own.

“It’s me.”
Loud shocked gasps.
“I’ll be sharing the room with you.”

Of course some hardcore Aoi fans didn’t like this at all, but it wasn’t Reita’s fault for drawing out the same room number anyway. And now there were several of the students already asking him if they could exchange it with theirs.

“Alright, everyone. Everyone!” the teacher called, waving his arms about to draw the third years’ attention. “Don’t make a big deal out of this, please. It’ll be your last field trip together, and if you guys are already behaving like this, I can’t imagine how you’ll be like once we’re at the hotel. Anyway, let’s not waste our time and just carry on with this before I let you all return to your classrooms, thank you.”

Reita had already left the classroom though, heading back to his own. It was no use staying in that packed place any longer. Reita rubbed a hand over his face, the familiar tension was back, he could feel it and fuck.

Fuck, he needed to breathe.

But damn the mere that he was going to share the same room with Aoi was making it hard for him.


Said raven was still staring at the little piece of paper in his hand, undoubtedly dumbfounded by a certain blond rushing past him as if a hurricane was after him.



The sound of the other girls whining and complaining that none of them got to share rooms with him was just background noise to Aoi as he gritted his teeth, crumpling the paper in his fist. He was out the door in no time, hurrying down the corridor that led to his own classroom.

For heaven's sake, why was this happening to him?! Was this some kind of evil masterplan that fate had in store for him? For them? Were they God's secret OTP?!

Aoi groaned in more than just frustration once he'd reached his classroom and he headed straight to his desk, picking up his bag and on in his way out again, threw the damn piece of paper into the bin.

He wasn't going to say a word to him, not a word and he swore to God he wasn't going to let Reita touch him. Oh no, that was not going to happen. He wasn't going to let Reita turn this field trip into a giant "Come-back-to-me-please" tour.

Not really minding that he was skipping classes again, Aoi made his way to exit the school building. Fuck this shit. Fuck it. He was so incredibly upset by this point that he was hoping for him and Reita not to accidentally bump into each other. Of course it wasn't the blond's fault but still...

He was probably studying his brains out again anyway so there was no danger of crossing paths with him on his way out. Heading home with his backpack slung over his shoulder, Aoi continued to chew on the inside of his cheek. Fate was against him, wasn't it?

Either way, Aoi had to make sure that those upcoming three days weren't going to ruin his self-control.


Friday arrived a lot quicker than he would've liked. They were told to meet at the school's parking lot at 8 a.m. and so they did. Aoi made sure that he was one of the first students to enter the bus after getting his suitcase loaded into the trunk.

He was purposely chosing the very, very last seat row and he purposely chose the seat at the window on the left side. It was a perfect place to hide, right? He could just sink into the seat, hide behind the one in front of him and maybe Reita wasn't even going to see him. And if he didn't see him, that meant that he wasn't going to do something so awful as sitting down next to him or, even worse, trying to talk to him the whole bus ride through.

No, Aoi was pretty content where he was, had his earphones plucked in, the curtains closed, ready for a bus ride without any uncomfortable interventions.


“Let me help you hold that,” Kai said, offering  a hand since he saw how his friend was struggling with his own suitcase.

“Thanks,” Reita unhooked the straps of his bag from his shoulder and gave it to Kai who was standing beside him before he proceeded to settle his problem.

“No prob—oooff!“ A sudden strained gasp. “Fuck, so heavy! What’s in this bag??”
But it hadn’t looked like it was until his arm felt like it could fall off anytime soon.

“Books,” was Reita’s dry reply, enough to make Kai’s jaw drop within a split second.

“What the hell, man? We’re going on a field trip! We don’t need books there! You don’t need them!”

No, he did need them as a distraction, or something to fill him with. Obviously, he didn’t think he could even face Aoi once they’dbe in the hotel room, let alone start a single conversation. That wouldn’t happen and this thought had been unbearably bugging him for days now. So, if Aoi didn’t want to talk to him –highly likely— during the whole time of their stay then fine, Reita would do the same. He’d probably just spend his time with the damn books and pretend he didn’t exist.

…As if he could keep up with his own damn promise.

Well, they were going to share a fucking room together, of course it’d be hard!

“Gimme that, thanks anyway,” Reita sighed and took the bag back from Kai, securing the straps over his shoulder and walking towards the entrance door with Kai following behind.
“Wait, do you know who your roommate is?” The brunet asked, grabbing a metal railing and pulling himself up into the bus.

“Yeah,” very much. “Aoi is.”
He kept his voice low once he heard the whispering and saw the staring of some girls who had already seated themselves.

“Holy shit,” Kai put a hand over his gaping mouth, his eyes disbelieving and he had to be dragged forward by Reita since he was blocking other people’s way.

“That was exactly my reaction.”


Kai had already fallen asleep beside him, just as the rest, but Reita couldn’t, not when he was worrying about the whole room thing. For the past two hours he’d been reading, listening to music, looking out the window and solving math problems on his phone and still, sleep wasn’t going to claim him.

He lifted himself from his seat, fixing his glasses, stretching his arms to relieve some muscles and turning his head as he watched other students’ relaxed sleeping faces, until of course, his eyes landed on a familiar raven hair.

That was some funny sight from here, and Reita almost chuckled because apparently Aoi had his head tilted upwards against the head rest, his mouth parting and closing with the movement of the bus and he could see the perfectly shaped eyebrows frowning now and then, his body turning to side for comfortness until something fell from his lap and hit the floor with a thud.

Reita craned his neck at the sound and narrowed his eyes as he tried to focus on what it was. And it was Aoi’s phone, with the earphones’ wire still attached and plugged into the device. Of course it took him a long time to think about, well, help picking it up…
Ugh, damn. He was wasting a few minutes of his life, wasn’t he? He should better go back to sleep—
No, no, now he wasn’t going to be able to.
Well, it’s not going to take long.
Reita sighed as he slumped in his seat, cursing himself quietly a few times for making a possibly  stupid decision. He arose, tried to balance himself for a bit then walked towards the device’s place, taking it into his hand once he crouched down. Music was still playing on it and he turned it off with a slide of his thumb. Moving himself to turn to the left and face the owner –after taking a few deep, supposed to be calming breaths—he tried to be as silent as possible as he placed the phone back into its former position, and almost, almost fucking got himself a heart attack by the time the bus hit a bump on the road, causing the raven-haired to slide his body sideways, in Reita’s way.

“Fuck,” he loosed a breath,  hands already clutching Aoi’s arms after he jumped to his feet without a single thought and yeah, his heart was already beating fast in panic.

But it seemed like Aoi was a heavy sleeper and that was quiet a relieving thing, but he still needed to work fast without the raven being concious. And sometimes, it was easy for him when Aoi didn’t know a thing. Like before his confession. Not that he was going to take a chance on the other, as in  breathing in the other’s nice scent he’d been missing or holding his hand or stealing a soft kiss.

Like this.


Oh God he was doing all of the above.

With a threatening gasp, Reita quickly pulled himself away, almost dreading to see Aoi’s shocked expression blending with anger  and disappointment but that didn’t happen, the raven was still in the other world, and that was when the blond could finally breathe, no  longer wasting his time as he fixed Aoi’s position and shuffled all the way back to his own seat, crossing his arms nervously and slumping low in it with a pale face.

Fuck you Reita.
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